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Published on 8/16/2020 additional information available

There IS a secret that no one in the traditional online income world wants to share.

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I have coached thousands of people (Matthew Graves) who wanted to earn a reliable online income over the last 19 years. The biggest barrier that most of them faced had nothing to do with the strategy they chose, or the program they were part of, or whether they had previous skills or experience.

The biggest barrier that held them back from being success was their Mindset and Expectations.

I get emails several times a week from people looking for help because they are not getting the results they want. They know that I have been doing this full time since 2004, so they think I have a “magic bullet” or “secret formula” that will allow them quit their jobs and work online.

There IS a secret that no one in the traditional online income world wants to share. Here it is:

“Achieving online success requires patience and a lot of work.”

Most people talking about making money online don’t want you to know that because they benefit by telling you that if you purchase their $27 program, then you will be instantly more successful. It isn’t true. The only person who is more successful when you purchase their $27 instant success formula is THEM.

If you want to be successful, then you need to go into this KNOWING that it is going to be hard and it is going to take a while. You need the expectation that any significant level of reliable online income is AT LEAST a year away. You need the mindset to keep doing the work UNTIL you are successful.

That is the truth. There is no such thing as overnight success or income without work.

I can tell you the truth because I don’t promote any “get rich quick” or “magical transformation” programs. I never have and never will. What I have done is watch people waste thousands of dollars and years of their lives chasing a myth when that same effort and investment could have brought them success. I help people who want to get on the right path.

If you want online success, then I suggest that you start building an email list of people interested in a particular topic, like “make money online” or another passion that you have. You need to email your list at least three times a week with content that is informative, motivational, and entertaining. This will get some of your subscribers to know, like, and trust you. From that relationship, you have the power to recommend products and services that will help them and that will earn you commissions.

You cannot skip any of those steps. You cannot make money without a sizable list of at least 1,000 subscribers (in the “make money online” niche). You cannot skip building a relationship and just start sending them offers of things to buy. You cannot email them once a month and expect them to remember who you are. Building relationships requires consistent effort and caring, just like in the offline world.

Your success advantage advertising platform

Lack of a relationship = Lack of trust. Lack of trust = Lack of income.

Unfortunately, most people who read this email will not take action to change what they are currently doing. They will keep looking for the “magic program” and then they will quit. That is why most people fail. They have the wrong expectations of what it takes to be successful and they don’t have the patience to follow a path that truly works.

An email list of 1,000 subscribers starts with the first signup. You have to take the steps to make that happen and then put in the focus to keep it happening until you hit your goal.

Most people who try to make money online fail. To succeed, you have to do what most people will not do.

I am always looking for people who have the right mindset and are ready to do whatever it takes to be successful.

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All the best

Yuri Grin

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