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If you look below you will see  that  I have a domain website. So why would I use a sub domain as my primary?

Because on my weblet people can reach me on video chat as well as written chat. 

80% of success and influence is having a big enough "Why" - 

20% is knowing "How"

If you have the "Why" we can improve marketing the how. 

"Clever marketing combined with large advertising budgets can create a need which in reality does not exist, it exists only because we are told it does." William Royce

When there is an existing need it is much simpler and less expensive.

Online business and personal
Identity and Image  Consulting and Creation


The fact that you really care is what makes working

with you a unique experience. PJ Prins

Lisech eMarketing mission statement

"To increase the percentage of success stories on the internet." 

I do no cost consultations from time to time. The links can

be found in press releases I have published. If the links 

are dead, I am not doing them at present.

001 + (402) 806-4200 

Here now

We offer an affordable, simplified (requiring no technical skills) Unified communication as a service (UCaas) system. Solutions are provided for your product or service sales through (mobile friendly) weblets. Each weblet includes GDPR, KYC/AML compliance. The cost; around 1/10th of what you would pay another service, if you have a single weblet, an eight dollar equivalent in your currency of domicile for unlimited weblets, then just 3.9 percent for each sale through the weblet URL (the 3.9 percent is capped when the fees reach $50). You can see samples at any of the links below. Registration is available on any of these sites if you choose to do so. 

Brand consultations

Brand creation or parts of brands

Proximity marketing

Luxury rides in Alberta, Canada

Real Estate and Real estate investing 

Weblet creation and branding 

Website creation and ghost writing

What is a weblet? 

Simply put- they are a single page sub domain web page interconnected with other apps. "A highly interconnected portion of the World Wide Web devoted to a particular end, usually maintained by a single individual or organization and located at a single site."  

Simply explained - it changes your Customer relationship management. You will have the ability to live chat, or video chat with prospective and existing customers through your hub or weblet. Enhanced video room powered by Zoom capability is now in place. Weblets give companies a simple way to keep in contact with anyone they wish, both before and after they become buyers. Here now for the UK and Europe; A business checking account which over time becomes a profit center.  Still working on a payment gateway where your products can be seen, then purchased through an app behind the weblet. Pay will be directly into a business checking account in your name or your companies name. This is true while in a room meeting as well. 

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