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Published on 2/16/2021 additional information available

A Lesson From Socrates ~ Desire Knowledge, As Plato Desired, A Breath Of Air...

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Plato’s mentor was Socrates.  Plato thought Socrates was the wisest person ever lived, and he fervently desired to learn all of Socrates’ wisdom.

One day, Socrates and Plato were walking down the beach deep in conversation; and, Socrates said to Plato, “Walk with me into the ocean.” They turned and walked into the deep together.

In your imagination, picture this: Student and teacher, two of the greatest philosophers of history, striding into the waves side by side.


The water started out around their ankles, then rose to their knees; as the water got higher, Plato wondered... “What lesson is my master trying to teach me?”

As the water was about shoulder height, Socrates suddenly grabbed Plato’s head and pushed him under the water.  As Plato was held down, he unquestionably wondered, what this lesson was all about.

When Plato ran out of air, he began to struggle to get his head above water.  He punched and kicked and grabbed to get free, but Socrates was a very strong man, and held him down.  Finally, for lack of oxygen, Plato became unconscious and blacked out.  Socrates pulled him ashore and revived him.

As Plato recovered, he was furious, and accused Socrates of trying to drown him.  Socrates explained, “If that had been my intention, I would not have pulled you ashore.”

“Then why did you do that?” Plato demanded.  Socrates replied calmly, “When you desire my knowledge like you desired that breath of air, then you shall have it.”

Leaders allow, and even encourage themselves to desire.  They create a hunger for things that are as strong as Plato’s desire for air…

Grateful and Victorious Velma

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