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Published on 1/6/2015 additional information available

Speed Reading For Video

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Speed Reading For Video

By Tim Wycislak

“Speed reading for video, Tim?”

“What are you talking about?”

I came across a new product recently

That’s like speed reading for video.

Here’s what I mean by that:

Oftentimes, when you’re watching

A YouTube, Vimeo, or other video,

The video seems to drag on and on.

The speaker talks and/or demonstrates

What he’s talking about

At his speed,

Which is usually pretty slow

So everyone can keep up and understand.

Unfortunately for me,

I think quickly,

I read quickly,

I understand quickly,

And because of those traits,

Up until now,

I’d rather read about something

Than watch a video.

For me,

Videos are too slow.

Well, things have changed.

About two weeks ago,

I found out about a computer program

That lets me increase the speed of any video

Up to three times its normal speed

Without the “chipmunk” sound

That you might expect if

You increase the video’s speed.

And, even better, when I checked out the website,

They gave me a 7 day free trial

So I could see if I liked it.

“Did you like it, Tim?”

I did.

I really liked it.

So I bought it.

A one-time payment of $29.99.

A lifetime of use for $29.99.

In my opinion,

It was a deal.

It was a steal at that price.

“So why are you writing about this, Tim?”

Here’s why:

You might like it too.

Go to their website:

Check it out for yourself.

Sign up for the 7 day free trial.

See if it will help you.

Just so you know -

I didn’t sign up to be an affiliate of this deal.

I could have,

But I didn’t.

I’m just so excited about it,

I wanted to share.

So consider this a late Christmas present.

From me to you.

Hope you like it!

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