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How To Create A Lead Capture Page

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How To Create A Lead Capture Page

By Tim Wycislak

“How to create a lead capture page, Tim?”

“What is a lead capture page?”

According to Wikipedia,

A lead capture page is

‘a single web page that appears in response

to clicking on a search engine optimized search result

or an online advertisement.’


“Do I even need a lead capture page?”

Yes, you do need a lead capture page.

A lead capture page is essential

To having a successful online business.

“Why is it essential?”

The easiest way to make money to make money online

Is to capture email addresses

And send them offers

Offers that they can buy

That you earn money on

When they do.

It’s also known as

Building your list.

“So how do I capture email addresses, Tim?”

The easiest way is to build a

Lead capture page and

Capture email addresses when

A prospect lands on your page.

That’s also known as creating a lead.

(For more info on that,

See my Press Release titled:

"How To Create Free Leads Online" here.)

“So what do I need to do

To create a lead capture page?”

Are you good at programming?

If so, there are five tried and true elements

To an effective lead capture page.

Write a good headline.

Your headline should capture your prospects interest.

For example, use a “How To” headline

Like I did for the title of this Press Release

(How To Create A Lead Capture Page).

Next, create body copy that will show your prospect

The benefits they will receive

By entering their email address.

Then, generate an opt-in form

So they can enter their email address.

Next, give them a call to action.

For example, “To Get Instant Access, Click Here”.

And finally, make a privacy statement so your prospects know

That you will not share or sell their information.

“This sounds like a lot of work, Tim.”

“And I don’t know much about programming.”

“Is there an easier way to do this?”


Get my free report.

One of the things it will show you

Is how I use a special

Lead Capture Page Creator

To create unlimited lead capture pages.

It’ll also show you

My #1 secret to building a huge downline.

Get my free report here.

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