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Published on 1/27/2015 additional information available

Get Paid Now – True Story!

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Get Paid Now – True Story!

By Tim Wycislak

Hey, it's Tim!

As you might guess,

I've been moving and grooving as always.

2014 reinforced something that

I've been thinking about for a while now.


I see people

Jumping from program to program

Never getting ahead.


I see people

Spending big money

On pie-in-the-sky programs

That nobody makes any money on

Except the guys at the top.


I see people

Giving up on their dreams

To live the lives that

They’ve always dreamed of.


It makes me sad and

It makes me sick.


So I made the decision

To do something about it!


I decided that I was going

To do my damnedest

To help them change their lives.


I decided that I would find

A simple solution to those problems.

I decided that I would find a way

To bring more value

To people,

To my team,

To my partners,

My future partners, and

To my associates.

So that they could:

·        *Generate a bigger list

·        *Learn how to market to that list

·        *Make good money from their list with regularity

·        *Build a posse that would follow them anywhere

That being said,

Here’s what I found:

Click here

It’s the newest,

Bestest (is that a word?),



Fastest program I’ve ever seen.

It’s been given a complete makeover

And everything is up to date.

You can review everything and more here:

Click here


It’s been redesigned from the ground up.

It has amazing product content inside.

The videos are brand new.

It includes new capture pages to generate traffic.

And new email follow-ups for your autoresponder.

And there’s more coming….

Like I said,

It’s the newest, best, easiest, simplest, and fastest way

For anyone to make money online.

They get the best training available.

They get a high converting offer.

They get leveraged payouts.

They get simplicity.

And they get something they can't

Get from anyone else

They get you

And they get us.

They get the training,

They get the substance,

They get the innovation,

They get our laser focus on helping them be successful.


As you can tell, I'm fired up and

Inviting you to go check it out.


Evaluate it,

Experiment with it,

Send it out.

See if it doesn’t generate the kind cash

You’ve been looking for….

So you can look forward to the



And that future you’ve been dreaming about.


Here’s that link again:

Click here


If you have any questions, I'm here.

Tim Wycislak


P.S. 2015 is going to be YOUR YEAR.

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