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Published on 1/14/2020 additional information available

Just Relax And Enjoy Each Other

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I always said the two most important things to me is time freedom and financial freedom. I simply wanted to have a life doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted to... make life happen.

My motto since becoming a founder with ONPASSIVE is to just relax and enjoy my time with others and live life as completely as possible.

If I want to catch a daytime matinee at my local movie theater and then maybe enjoy an early dinner at my favorite restaurant, I can easily do it now with no restrictions. ONPASSIVE now affords me these moments when before I always seemed to be restricted in simple choices like these.

Being a founder of ONPASSIVE, an Informational Technology company, I now have the best of both worlds to experience numerous fantastic moments on a daily basis and enjoy life to the fullest.

I find when you can just relax and enjoy each other, life becomes more treasured. ONPASSIVE certainly makes doing anything in life fun again because now you can take your time experiencing anything your heart desires.

Since the launching of ONPASSIVE, I'm now regarded as a founding father and a valued customer. I just use my flexible wallet whenever I want to purchase anything I need as the money keeps flowing in to my account. Life could not be better as a stay-at-home fisherman... if you know what I mean.

This will soon be the norm for all ONPASSIVE Founders as the official ONPASSIVE Launch Date will begin any day now. Have you been invited yet? If not CLICK THIS LINK to get registered today. Thank me later!

You can tell just how explosive ONPASSIVE technologies is going to be just from it's global reach of over 50,000 people worldwide that are now co-founders. The growth has not slowed down yet as the founders base is still growing exponentially every day.

What is ONPASSIVE you ask?

If you do your due diligence and check out articles on the official ONPASSIVE BLOG website, you will soon discover that ONPASSIVE is poised to become a top shelf technology company that is positioned to become bigger, stronger and faster then Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook combined. Imagine that for a moment.

ONPASSIVE will offer fresh AI (artificial intelligence) driven proprietary software, products, tools and services that consumers will flock to because of their high quality features and most importantly, their lower price point.

Again,  if you are not an ONPASSIVE FOUNDER yet... here is your INVITATION to register to learn more not only about ONPASSIVE, but to learn more about you dreams too.

Just relax and enjoy each other... you will see how fulfilling life can be!

As Always... Safe Travels!

Brian Hingst

Travel USA Discounts

PS - Just Click Here to learn more within our ONPASSIVE GLOBAL GROUP Page on Facebook today!

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