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Published on 5/26/2020 additional information available

When not to rush things

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Hi there.

There are times when we do not want to rush things when marketing. Or should I say when we aim to learn something new in onkline marketing.

Such as for instance when going through new training  with your coach , howw to really apply everything. To avoid being overwhelmed it is a good idea to try to grasp a little at the time, to let it sink in so to say. Like for instance if you have joined a system, a marketing system then you must take your time to see how you best can use that very system as well. and especially if you are a newbie/beginner to the online marketing world then you must take your time to learn everything.. 

He will teach you for 7 dollars

That is why we that are members with this 7 dollar system goes through just one training module a day. With partner with Anthony. This so that not anyone try to jump ahead in the training and then they might be in jeopardy of missing out on something in the training. It is also because we as students should have time to let all that we learned sink in...So, when you have finished a module in partner with Anthony then a timer starts. And you can not access the next training until 24 hours has passed. We have weekly webuinars with Anthony at Thursdays. 

Home work?

To these trainings we sometimes get  so called home work to do. And last week I re wrote a short ebook about marketing that Anthony had written a ebook about. He wanted us to write with our own words re write that very ebook. Now, some people that has done a very good job with writing their ebook could get rewarded with a sum of money. Because Anthony may buy it and use it himself in his and our business. I am not sure how good my ebook was in the end, but anyway i did my best. Anyhow, the main things  is not the chance of winning some money, even if it would be nice. The main thing is to access these webinars to learn from Anrthony who is a 8 figure earner. When working with him we get already created sales funnels for free  and more. So if you feel that you could use a little help to make some more money then spend that 7 dollars here.

Thanks for your time.


Tommy Olsson

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