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Published on 10/16/2020 additional information available

The benefits and structure of a sales funnel

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I wanted to share some information about sales funnels now and what a sales funnel is good for

Through a sales funnel you build your list and if the sales funnel is good then you can potentially make a good amount of money through it as well. To have  buyers list is a good resource to have, it could also be called to "feed the funnel". At the front / the beginning of the sales funnel it is good to have a low ticket offer. But first of course you should have offer a valuable free gift in order to make people subscribe to your newsletter. 

The lead magnet

Make sure that the free offer the lead magnet, is something really valuable otherwise people may choose to never get in contact with you again if it is of low quality.  Never have  a high ticket product in the beginning at the funnel because not many will buy it then... The high ticket should be at the end of the funnel for best r esults. So first you have a low ticket offer then you have something that is not a high ticklet offer but that cost maybe 100 dollars and then after that offer you can set upa high ticket offer.

Re. marketing

 As people have to see your first offer or offers in general about 7 times before buying it is a good idea to re- market  your offers to your list again later on. So you send your propects to the low ticket offer and then the other offers as well. So this is bacially what I have to share about sales funnels. Those that are good at making good sales funnels can make good money selling those. Here is where you can get several funnels to choose from,when taking the trial.

To your success,

Tommy Olsson

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