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Published on 10/16/2020 additional information available

Reflections on these special times we are living in

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We are all aware of course about the fact that we are living ina time where we need to take precautions to not catch the Covid /corona virus. There is a lot of talk about Corona in all types of media and discussions are talking place in peoples homes about it and so on.

What these special times has created is a bad situation for unemployed people as well to some degree. At least in my home country of Sweden. Because the employees at the employment office that usually visit companies and employers to see if one of their so called clients could have the opportunity to get a job at the specific companies, well they are not making so much of those visits anymore. So tthat extra help to find a job is lacking during these times. 

And of course meetings with the professionals at the employment office need to be in shape of video meetings and phone calls, But that doesn't limit the chances of finding a job of course. But what does, is that employers that would want to enploy some people delays that time of advertsiing for staff because of Covid15. They want to see if the situation gets better before employing to limit the spread of Corona. Some staff at certain companies like people that works at restaurants have to stay home.

So it isn't that stranrnge that people start looking for alternative ways of making money. Like online marketing. So I would like to invite you to have a look at what is called a online money making machine. Yes you can take a trial of it as well. Check out the video presentation to learn more about this money making and listbuilding machine.

 I am not saying that this is for you,but you can have a sneek peak and decide for yourself.

All the best,

Tommy Olsson

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