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A zerker is a special kind of PVP build making use of the berserker helm, which is the lowest defence level headgear to give a strength bonus. The helm bonus is +3 and it requires 45 defence to use. All zerker builds have 45 defence and the helm, but combat levels and other gear choices can vary depending on which combat level you wish to reach. Due to having a defence requirement, zerker builds do have more rs gold access to game content than 1-def pures. Because of the increase in available game content, a zerker build can use more methods to train, although generaly it is more expensive and time consuming than a 1-def pure build. Most successfull zerkers pvp around combat levels 70-80 as you will encounter the best opposition for the build, below this level you will often be overpowered by 1-def pures who have much higher attack and strength.

A lot of questing is required for all Zerker builds and all defence xp must come as a reward from quests rather than by training it normally in combat, this is so you can receive rewards or complete requirements in quests that also give defence xp rewards. Whilst there are lots of different builds all the stats are carefully selected to reach or keep under a desired combat level.

Stats and Gear

Your attack level should usually be either 60 or 75. Going higher doesn't have much merit for this build as you can use basically any weapon in osrs at 75 attack, usually only maxed pkers should use a higher attack level. Briefly comparing 60 to 75, 60 has technically fewer choices of usable gear than 75 and can only use dragon-tier weaponry and lower, however because of your weakened opposition, in reality you should be able to choose a wider range of gear. For a 60 attack zerker the best weapons are dragon claws (or a cheaper dragon-tier weapon) + a weapon to combo/finish your opponent such as the barrelchest anchor (requiring completion of the great brain robbery) which gives increased accuracy and damage while reducing your opponents combat levels with its special attack. 

Other popular weapons to serve a similar purpose to the anchor are the obsidian maul, dragon 2h sword and the dragon halberd. The use of two weapons in pvp can present a higher financial risk than at 75 attack where one weapon can can do both functions. Aside from the elder maul the most commonly used weapon at level 75 attack are the godswords, they all have powerful spec attacks, including accuracy and damage boosters, a freezing of the enemy effect, prayer restore and draining of the enemies combat stats (each of the 4 swords have different spec attacks, you should decide which is best for your build/ budget). 

The armadyl godsword is the most used in pvp, it gives a huge 37.5% damage bonus and doubles accuracy, however it is the most expensive at around 13.7m. There are also weapons used mainly for training you can use to reach 75 unavailable at 60 which include the ghrazi rapier, abyssal bludgeon, abyssal dagger and saradomin sword.

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