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Published on 12/31/2014 additional information available

What Will Be Your Story In 2015?

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It has been an interesting 2014. I have had my best year ever in 2014 with my network marketing business. My business tripled in 2014. Already, on this last day of 2014, 2015 looks like my business will surpass 2015. There will be many distributors in my organization who will experience unique successes in 2015. As I help my distributors to get what they want, I will continue to get what I want. My story in 2015 will include achieving new and higher goals.

What will be your story in 2015? Will you be able to go full-time with your network marketing business? Or, will you be able to increase your part-time income to the monthly amount that you desire? How many new distributors will you personally sponsor? How many new distributors will you help your team members to sponsor? How many new customers will you attract? How many new customers will you help your team members to attract? What new skills will you learn and apply in 2015? How many new people daily will you contact about your business?

In 2014, I created some new habits that have served me well in 2014 and that will continue to serve me well in 2015. For example, one new habit I created in 2014 is to contact a minimum of 6 new people about my business daily. That equals a minimum of 180 new people per month and 2,190 new people per year. I also taught my team members how to do this same thing. I have learned that income-producing habits applied consistently and compounded over time naturally lead to desired results. These habits are easy to apply. But, these habits are also easy to not apply. It comes down to discipline.

Another new habit that has served me well in 2014 is learning the right word sequences to use when prospecting for customers and for distributors. I learned these magic sequences of words from one of my mentors, Tom "Big Al" Schreiter". These magic sequences of words are "I'm just curious" and "I just found out" and "Would it be okay if". Although I do not use "I just found out" much, I do use "I'm just curious" and "Would it be okay if" consistently. And, why do I use these words? Because, they work!

When I am prospecting for customers, I like to use the following word sequences: "I'm looking for another customer. I'm just curious, would it be okay if you go to my website and try one of my products"?

While I consistently prospect offline for customers, I have cut back on prospecting offline for distributors. Why? Because, I have had more success prospecting and sponsoring distributors online. This has been possible because of the Mentoring For Free system. I have learned how to use this system to find the people who are looking for me. And, the people I find by using this system already believe in network marketing. I do not have to persuade them about the efficacy of the network marketing profession. These prospects are already pre-sold. It is much easier to sponsor pre-sold prospects as distributors than it is to sponsor prospects who know nothing or little about the network marketing profession.

So, again, what will be your story in 2015?

P.S. If you are a frustrated network marketer asking yourself "How come I can't make network marketing work for me", do not despair. There is hope. And, it is real hope. The hope is the Mentoring For Free system. There are but 4 Steps to this system. Mentoring For Free is a one-of-a-kind lead-generation and training system exclusively designed to help people (and especially frustrated network marketers) to become more "skilled" as marketers! And, all of the "skills" training is FREE! Also, Mentoring For Free is a completely "generic" system, meaning that it will work no matter what network marketing company you are promoting. Step 1 of this system is the "Success In 10 Steps" e-book. I invite you to download and read this e-book. You may do so simply by clicking here! This system may help you to write your success story in 2015!

Thank you and Best Wishes, Always! Steve Porter, Hannibal, Missouri, USA!

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