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Published on 12/13/2014 additional information available

Never Fail At Network Marketing Again, EVER!

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Did you notice the title of this Press Release? The words I used in this title are the words from an ad I created. I consider it to be the best ad I have created so far. I use this ad to advertise the "Success In 10 Steps" e-book. And, a lot of people have downloaded and continue to download the e-book from this ad. I also created a second ad that uses this first ad. The second ad goes like this: "Never Fail At Network Marketing Again, EVER! Learn The 'Skills' You Need To Get The Income You Want"! This ad works well also!

I began cultivating an interest in copyrighting way back in 2007 while I was studying Perry Marshall and his "Definitive Guide To Google Adwords". At that time, I had a desire to get good at advertising on Google and I learned a lot from Perry Marshall. Perry taught me how to create effective ads using as few words as possible. Why as few words as possible? Because, Google limited all of its pay-per-click advertisers to create ads using so many words. Perry taught me to think like my ideal customer when creating my ads. He said it was like getting inside the customer's mind to think of what words or word sequences an ideal customer would choose to type into their Google search browser looking for me and my product. I studied Perry Marshall and used Google Adwords advertising from 2007 to 2010. Then, everything changed for the better for me when I met Michael Dlouhy in August of 2010.

Since August of 2010, I have exclusively promoted the Mentoring For Free system, created by Michael Dlouhy and Richard Dennis. I use this system almost exclusively to build my network marketing business. I also use this system to help other network marketers to be successful with their network marketing businesses. I say "almost exclusively" for the reason that I still have fun prospecting offline also. Since I know exactly word-for-word what to say and what to do offline, I still enjoy visiting with people offline about my network marketing business.

Since August of 2010, I have attempted to become one of the best students of the network marketing profession. And, in just over 4 years, I have been blessed in becoming one of the most sought after teachers in the network marketing profession. Ever heard the expression that "sometimes the student becomes better than the teacher"? Every person I am privileged to work with I share this with and I share with them that as I teach them everything that I know about the network marketing profession, my desire for them is that each of them will become better and more skilled than me.

In the network marketing profession, we have the opportunity to become skilled at prospecting both online and offline for distributors and customers. We have the opportunity to become skilled at creating and publishing ads designed to attract distributor and customer prospects to us. We have the opportunity to become skilled ad copy writers. And, we have the opportunity, after we learn valuable skills like these, to share these skills with others hoping that they will become better ad copy writers than we are.

So, I'm just curious, would it be okay if you could never fail at network marketing again, ever? Would it be okay if you could learn the "skills" you need to get the income and the lifestyle you want? The best way I know of for anyone to learn these necessary "skills" is to complete the 4 Steps of the Mentoring For Free system! Step 1 is to read the "Success In 10 Steps" e-book. I did this. I read this e-book. And, then, I completed the remaining 3 Steps. I invite you to do the same!

Thank you and Best Wishes, Always! Steve Porter, Hannibal, Missouri, USA!

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