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Published on 9/15/2019 additional information available

My Favorite Network Marketing Book!

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My all-time favorite network marketing book is "3 Easy Habits For Network Marketing. Automate Your MLM Success" by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter and Keith Schrieter! In this book, Tom and Keith describe 3 simple habits that if implemented daily and compounded over time can guarantee success in the network marketing profession. I purchased this book on Amazon and in the Kindle Edition so that I could read it and refer to it at anytime on my iPhone! The 3 simple habits described by Tom and Keith are:

(1) Personal Development. Read or listen to something positive every day to start your day! The first personal development activity that I start each day with is prayer. I pray and thank God and Jesus for a great night's sleep the night before and for their protection and for all of their blessings and for waking me up and giving me another day! I also pray for my family and my relatives and for my friends and for our world! The second personal development activity I do is I look for the spiritual Facebook posting from one of my acquaintances, Ed Talton, and read it and "like" it and "save it" to my "spiritual saves" on Facebook! The third personal development activity that I do everyday is I read the daily inspirational posts of Dr. Charles Stanley and I post them to my Facebook page for others to enjoy also and I also save each one in my "spiritual saves" on Facebook! These activities get each one of my days on the right track!

(2) Meet One New Person A Day! I increased this to 10 new people a day! I also learned from the book entitled "Network Marketing For Facebook" by Jim and Marianne Lupkin and Bryan Carter how to successfully contact total strangers on Facebook and create instant rapport and create relationships! I contact a minimum of 10 new people everyday on Facebook and I also follow up with the people I contact! I also learned how to successfully contact the "friends" of the people I contact on Facebook. In October of 2015, I created a YouTube video. I then created a paid ad on Facebook to get people to "like" my YouTube video. that Facebook ad created over 1,900 "likes" which led me to over 600,000 "leads" for my network marketing business! Needless to say, I will not live long enough to contact 600,000 plus leads! So, I will never run out of new people to contact everyday!

(3) Promote Events! I first thought that this meant promoting national conferences that people attend in person until I learned from Tom Schreiter and Keith Schreiter that this could be as simple as promoting the next group telephone conference call or networking event being held by my network marketing company or my network marketing team. My network marketing team hosts 7 weekly telephone conference calls! So, I promote these team conference calls to new prospects so that they may meet the members of my team!

My network marketing business now runs on auto pilot because of these 3 easy habits that I put into action everyday! I invite you to get a copy of this book and read it and put into practice what this book teaches so that you, too, may automate your MLM success!

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