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Published on 2/14/2015 additional information available

How To Energize Your Network Marketing Business (Maybe Not What You Think)

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Throughout the history of the network marketing profession, the idea of recruiting or sponsoring distributors seems to have been foremost in the minds of most network marketers. Well, I have a different spin on this mentality.

If you'd like to energize your network marketing business and the businesses of your distributors, try this. Focus on obtaining and retaining retail customers instead of focusing on recruiting or sponsoring distributors. Why? Because, every network marketer should know by now that without retail customers, there is no legitimate network marketing business. Everyone cannot be a distributor. And, I have found that getting customers is easier than getting distributors. And, I have found that some of our best distributors were customers first.

The network marketing company that I promote, It Works Global, has built into its compensation plan a provision whereby a distributor may earn a $600.00 per month bonus for having just 60 Loyal Customers. If a distributor has 120 Loyal Customers, then the bonus is $1,200.00 per month. And, the bonus is on top of or in addition to the commissions a distributor earns for each customer. According to company statistics, the average customer of It Works Global products buys $70.00 worth of product per month. Given the 15 percent commission, each distributor earns approximately $10.50 per month for each average customer. Of course, I have customers who buy more than the average and customers who buy less than the average. But, the 15 percent commission on customer purchases plus the customer bonuses can result in enviable income.

I love prospecting for customers. I do it both online and offline. But, my approach is similar for both types of prospecting. Here is what I say every time: "I am looking for another customer. I'm just curious, would it be okay if you go to my website and try one of my products"? Then, I hand the prospect a business card with my name, cell phone number, and website URL on the business card. It has become easy for me to get customers using this approach. I also contact prospects online using the same words. I have found that these words, this approach, work well whether spoken or written.

So, if you'd like to energize your network marketing business, I invite you to start focusing on getting and retaining customers and not just focusing on recruiting or sponsoring distributors. Imagine for a moment what your network marketing business and your monthly income would look like if you had 5 front line distributors and each of them and yourself had a minimum of 20 customers? That would be 120 customers in your business. Imagine what would happen to your network marketing business and your income if you focused on helping each distributor from now on who joins you in your business to get a minimum of 20 customers?

Thank you and Best Wishes, Always! Steve Porter, Hannibal, Missouri, USA!

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