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Published on 1/2/2015 additional information available

How To Achieve Your Dreams

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As we begin a new year, it is common for us to look behind us to see how well we performed in 2014 and to look ahead to how well we expect to perform in 2015. What are your goals for 2015? What are your dreams for 2015. Following are 7 steps we may take to achieve our goals and dreams in 2015.

1)  Describe where you are right now. Yes, write it down. Go to a store and buy a notebook and in the notebook write down your present position. Write down how many distributors you have and how many customers you have. Write down their names. Write down how you sponsored your existing distributors and customers. Why? Because, whatever method you used to sponsor the distributors and customers you have now, since those methods worked once they will work again. When we do not acknowledge the methods we used that successfully brought new business to us, we sometimes forget the methods we used. When I find methods that work, I continue using them unless and until they stop working. Then, I find new or additional methods to use.

2)  Describe in your notebook what it is that you want. What monthly income do you desire? What is the average monthly income you receive from each distributor and customer. If you know the monthly income you desire to achieve and you know the average monthly income you earn from each distributor and customer, then you will know how many distributors and customers you will need to sponsor to reach your desired monthly income goal. When you know what you want and what it will take to get what you want, then you may develop a plan to get you there. Write all of this down in your notebook and look at it daily. As you sponsor each new distributor and customer, you may see on paper that you are making progress toward getting what you want.

3)  Create a self-talk (or prayer) that incorporates what you want. And, it is okay to have more than one self-talk. For example, one of my daily self-talks is: "I am having fun attracting and sponsoring leaders and loyal customers into my business daily easily and consistently through education and teamwork"! I have said this self-talk so many times in the last 4 plus years that it is now a part of my sub-conscious mind and I now find myself saying it without thinking about it. Every night when I lay my head on my pillow to sleep, I fall asleep saying my self-talk. It is the first thing I say when I wake up every morning. Throughout each day, I say my self-talk hundreds and thousands of times. My self-talk has become second nature for me. My self-talk has become a natural extension of who I am. It is so important to also write down your self-talk where you may see it. It is easier to memorize your self-talk if it is written down. Include your self-talk in your notebook. Self-talk is similar to prayer. It is okay to pray for what you want. If you believe in God or a higher power, it is okay to ask God to help you to get what you want. If you do not believe in God but believe in a higher power or the universe, it is okay to ask the higher power or the universe to help you to get what you want.

4)  Partner effectively. Network marketing is a relationship business. Network marketing is not a sales business. Learn how to partner effectively. Write down in your notebook a description of the kind of person or the kind of people you want as partners in your business. Maybe you will want partners like yourself. Maybe you will want partners like your friends or family members. Self-talk or pray about this also. No one can be successful in network marketing by themselves. It takes a team working together. It takes many people doing a little bit each month. As you are prospecting for distributors and customers, look for the people who are looking for you. Look for people who share interests and beliefs like you do. Better it is to have like-minded partners (distributors) and customers than to have distributors and customers that may be difficult to work with.

5)  Learn new skills. I have said it before, I am saying it now, and I will continue to say it. The main reason between failure and success in the network marketing profession comes down to a little 6-letter word. That word is "skills"! I know from my own experience that when we know exactly word-for-word what to say and what to do in any and all prospecting situations, we will be successful. So, if you do not yet know what to say and what to do, you may learn these skills. Just as with any job, trade, vocation, or profession, certain skills are required to be successful. It is no different in the network marketing profession. Certain skills are required. And, these skills may be learned.

6)  Practice applying the skills. When we learn the skills we need to be successful, learning them is not enough. We have to apply them. We have to take action. We have to put these skills into action so that they may work for us to bring about the results we desire. Knowledge without action is useless.

7)  Teach. As you learn new skills and apply them, then help your distributors to learn them also. Help your distributors to apply them. As you are helping your distributors to learn the skills, do some of the initial prospecting work with your distributors so that they may see the application of the skills. I like to do this, whether by telephone or in-person. I want my new distributors (partners) to see that I not only talk the talk but that I also walk the walk. I want them to see how simple, easy, and fun prospecting may be when you have the skills of knowing exactly what to say and what to do to obtain consistent predictable results. I tell my distributors (partners) as I am working with them that I expect them to become better than me. I ask them, "Have you ever heard the expression that sometimes the student becomes better than the teacher"? I want my distributors (students) to become better at the business than I am. Why? Because, I want to replace myself as quickly as possible so that I may then start working with and teaching others. And, I teach how to continue to repeat this process over and over and over.

So, as you describe where you are; and as you describe what you want; and as you create and apply your self-talk; and as you partner effectively; and as you learn and apply new skills; and as you teach others how to do what you do, I pray that you will begin to achieve your dreams in this new year of 2015!

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Thank you and Best Wishes, Always! Steve Porter, Hannibal, Missouri, USA!

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