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Published on 12/14/2014 additional information available

All The Nutrition Your Body Needs

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I feel extremely blessed to enjoy network marketing success after having failed in the network marketing profession for 33 years. My new found success is due to me using and promoting the Mentoring For Free lead-generation and training system and promoting the It Works Global network marketing company!

Dr. Don VerHulst is the medical adviser to the It Works Global company. Dr. Don, as he is so affectionately known, has published two books that I want you to be aware of. One is entitled "10 Keys That Cure - Bible Truths For Better Health Today" and "30 Quick Tips For Better Health". You may purchase both of these invaluable books by clicking here!

In "10 Keys That Cure - Bible Truths For Better Health Today", Dr. Don details the 10 Keys. I will summarize the 10 Keys here. They are:

1)  Learn To Relax Like The Lord
2)  Get To Bed On Time
3)  Exercise
4)  Breathe Fresh Air
5)  Sunshine
6)  Eat Fruits
7)  Eat Vegetables
8)  Eat Whole Grain Breads
9)  Eat White Meat
10)Drink Plenty Of Water

On his website, you may also find Dr. Don writing about his "My Daily Health Pack". As Dr. Don says, "My Daily Health Pack contains all the known essential vitamins and minerals that you need everyday to stay healthy". Included in Dr. Don's Daily Health Pack are but 3 products: It's Vital Core Nutrition and It's Regular and Greens On The Go (orange flavor) or Greens On The Go (berry flavor).

So, if you would like to consume all the nutrition your body needs to stay healthy, I invite you to check out and try It's Vital Core Nutrition, It's Regular, and Greens On The Go!

P.S. The literal starting point of my own personal network marketing success story was my completion of the 4-Step Mentoring For Free system! Step 1 of this 4-Step proven system is to read the "Success In 10 Steps" e-book! I invite you to download this e-book today and read it! You may do so simply by clicking here!

Thank you and Best Wishes, Always! Steve Porter, Hannibal, Missouri, USA!

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