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Published on 8/14/2019 additional information available

The Basics of Stress

#Unlimited Abundance Review

Stress is a sad fact of life for mostUnlimited Abundancepeople. Some estimates have indicated that over 80% of all illnesses are from a result of stress. Think about that for a moment, 80% of ALL illnesses are a result of stress. Mr. Hans Selye is an endocrinologist who pioneered stress research and he labeled 3 phases of stress including: alarm, resistance, and exhaustion. Alarm might be a harmless activity such as stepping into a cold gym from a muggy summer day or receiving an email that was upsetting. Both of these situations require the human body to make an adjustment, which is one type of resistance.

The resistance in these two circumstances would be minimal, however, when the demand on the body continues for a great length of time then exhaustion will set in, and this in turn can lead to a total breakdown of the body and of the mind. Whether it is hypertension, heart diseases or total failure of the immune system, the effects of stress know no bounds. Negative stress can create an imbalance in the mind and the body, causing a person to tighten up their muscles and change their breathing from slow long breathes to rapid shallow breaths.

Under stress, ones adrenal glands will kick into overtime and the blood will become depleted of the necessary oxygen to thrive. Additionally being under constant stress will trigger a fight or flight response from your body which will put a person into a chronic state of alertness that is highly demanding on the energies of the body. Modern life has a relentless list of demands such as work, noise and family. One effective means of fighting stress is to begin taking Yoga classes and to use the techniques of Yoga to pinpoint the underlying problems and allow your body to deal with them completely and naturally.

Healing may come through changing attitudes that produce stress or even changing habits that invite stress into your life. Although you can remove stress simply by practicing the Yoga postures and focusing on your body and mind, it will take an extension of Yoga through the above described areas in order to completely remove the negative stress.

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