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Published on 7/6/2020 additional information available

Auto Insurance Scams – How to Avoid Being Victimized

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Nevada Insurance Enrollment Advises on Staying Alert for Auto Insurance Frauds

The most important thing we'd like to see you take from this auto insurance article is having an awareness of the depth and great lengths people (and criminal organizations) will go to scam insurance companies for money. All involving innocent people.

Insurance Scammers Are Smarter Than You Think
If you feel like you are victim of an insurance scam accident, first thing to do is call 911. Take pictures of the other passengers and make note of who is in the car at the time of the accident. Take pictures of the damage and who was driving and note exactly what happened, along with getting all license plate numbers involved. Beware of "witnesses" at the scene. See if you can find a witness you feel is totally neutral in the situation and get their information. Don't settle with cash at the scene. You can call the special investigations unit of your insurance company and tell them you think you are being scammed in an insurance fraud plot.

There are some very entertaining YouTube video fail compilations of people trying to scam insurance companies. Just search for "auto insurance scams". We prefer not to post any here, because most of them have offensive language, however, here's a video by ABC News that shows scammers in action.

Protect Yourself From Auto Insurance Scams
We recommend you watch some of these videos on YouTube of people staging a crime involving innocent drivers trying to scam insurance companies for money. The reason we're posting this is so you'll have an awareness of the lengths desperate people and illegal organized enterprises will go to scam insurance companies for money. In the cases where there are organized criminal enterprises, (that are extreme menaces to our society), these scammers drive up all of our prices that we pay for insurance.

Obviously, not all scammers are caught, so this drives the price up for all of us. Again, we suggest you watch a few of these YouTube videos, you'll have an awareness of potential criminals staging their crimes, that innocently involves you or loved ones in an insurance fraud plot.

Insurance fraud is a very serious crime. In Nevada, insurance fraud is a category D Felony, the prison sentence ranges from 1-4 years, also a fine up to $5000, and possible court costs. The person convicted of this could also be required to make payment to the State of Nevada for money spent investigating the case.

Additional examples of insurance fraud are exaggerating the damage to your car, damaging your own car and claiming it as an accident, pretending your car was stolen, lying on your application for auto insurance, faking injuries, etc.  

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