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Published on 10/6/2019 additional information available

10 Ways To Constantly Be Improving

#10 ways to constantly be improving

10 Ways To Constantly Be Improving

1.) Be open to change. You will never be able to move forward in life if you are not willing to open your mind and be open to trying new things. If you keep doing what got you here, you will remain stuck.

2.) Work daily towards obtaining your goals. If you just focus on taking one step each day towards your goal, you will eventually get there. Reaching goals isn’t about one big thing or a secret, it’s your daily habits and the little things that help you obtain the goal.

3.) Surround yourself around supportive people. You can’t do epic stuff with mediocre people. Maybe you don’t have the money to hire a mentor, but find like minded people who understand your madness and crazy goals. Find people who support you, push you and want to see you get better.

4.) Find an accountability partner. Finding someone you can bounce ideas back and forth, share your goals and hold each other accountable is extremely important.

As an entrepreneur no one is going to hold you accountable to do the work except you. For me, if I did it all over again, I would find someone who was trying to build a business too and make friends with them so we can push each other.

5.) Listen to a podcast in the morning. One of my daily rituals is to listen to a podcast episode in the morning. It helps me start the day off right, get inspired and get new ideas.

6.) Keep investing in yourself. Every high level entrepreneur values getting better. That might mean buying a new book, going to events or purchasing a new course so I can continue to get better. As you grow and have the funds, keep investing in yourself.

7.) Read books. My best ideas come from books. When you have the ability to learn from some of the smartest people in the world for less than $20, you should be learning all you can.

8.) Learn to relax. It’s great to grind because grinding is necessary in the early stages of your business, but take time to step away and clear your mind.

For me that means a walk by myself with an audiobook or sometimes just taking time to read or going to a movie. For you that could be hanging out with friends, grabbing a drink or a hobby. Take time to unplug.

9.) Enjoy the process. Most people beat themselves up all the time and focus on their lack of results. By doing this, they stay stuck and lose momentum to get better.

Remember, you’re not running a race, you’re on a lifelong journey. The more you enjoy what you’re doing, like getting better and appreciate the wins along the way, the faster you will reach success.

Get excited about your first email subscriber, learning a new skill or accomplishing a small task. It will help the process go much faster.

10.) Celebrate your wins. I think it’s important to celebrate small wins so you are excited to keep going.

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