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Published on 3/1/2020 additional information available

Today I’m living the dream.

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Today I’m living the dream.

???? Yes! A sale from someone that I was able to help.

I did this while:

? Working 9 to 7 pm driving a truck for a local P&D Co.

? Surviving a job layoff after 19 years, not easy for someone pushing 60.

? Failing so many times, I stopped counting!

? Learning to avoid the shiny object curse after spending thousands on programs and didn't make a dime.

? Getting angry, discouraged and seriously considering giving up the entrepreneurial dream.

? Today I made money, and it wasn't selling something cheap from Clickbank.

? It's always thrilling to help someone benefit first, and help them realize their dreams.

???? I simply developed a friendship, actually cared about their struggles and desires.

That establishes the connection.

Helping people with some real, value based connections is great. Getting paid for it is too.

You’re probably wondering... WTF Sheldon? HOW?

?? It's all the PROPER training.

I found someone who has accomplished everything I've been struggling with for years. A mentor to provide guidance throughout the process of building an real, online business.

Someone who has been through it all and having more than enough experience to know what he's talking about.

???? Of course I invested in myself AGAIN, even when family and friends thought of me as dumb, foolish and stupid.

Why did they think of me like that...I'm a nice guy.

Might have been because I’ve spent $10,000+ over the years in worthless courses.

Might have been because I've failed every business model that I previously tried.

Might have been because I'm not a quitter and STILL invested in myself to get the proper guidance.

?? I believe in myself too much to give up on my dream life, just because of a few failures.

Take it from me, if you’ve failed before, you must realize by now that it doesn’t matter.

Just like a baby taking their first steps, they just get back up and try again.

Of course, they don't know or understand this, but you do.

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” - Robert F. Kennedy

???? So what can I help you accomplish today?.

If you’re struggling in your business, it's not your fault. You just need guidance.

It’s not a coincidence that once I got a mentor and some direction, that I made a sale.

?? I’ve ALWAYS been ready for this. It just took the right mentor to show me that I was.

???? If I feel this way, then it’s the same for you.

Let the greatness finally come out of you!

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