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Published on 11/20/2021 additional information available

Tell Me If This Sounds Familiar

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# facebook

I remember when I was struggling to start my online business, my days kind of went something like this.

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

Wake up and jump out of bed, excited for the new day.

Watch or listen to some motivational material to get the proper mindset for the day.

Ready to jump on Facebook and just be myself for the day

Usually start by replying to people I follow, might be a meme or quote. Who doesn’t like a good quote right?

Get a handful of likes and comments on the picture and the famous quote 

Make a post “Looking for some people to earn while you learn with this new system “Wally World Super Duper 5000.” Get it now!”

Then crickets, was that a pin dropping too? Nobody cares about your call to action 

Next, you start sending your link to unsuspecting friends and family members.

And then start posting them in the comments of popular posts in groups. 

Still nothing….

Feel like giving up, but you remember that motivational message earlier today about grinding and consistency?

So you check your affiliate dashboard one more time to see if you have any clicks, hops or sales…

You notice that your account is still sitting on E.

Get back on Facebook while listening to some more motivation talk about how you’re just one more step away from success or something like that.

Then you wonder if things are gonna work out as you keep scrolling down your newsfeed for the tenth time and you come across this. 

Suddenly, it got real! Its like this guy is living inside my head and there is literally a sign that says…?? STOP!

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