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Published on 12/4/2021 additional information available

Stop Buying the Next Greatest Thing!

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Stop Buying the Next Greatest Thing

At some point in your online business building process, you have to STOP BUYING THE NEXT GREATEST THING!

stop buying the next greatest thing

Every day, you will always be looking for ways to improve your business and your bottom line.

And buying everything you see is not the way to build a business.

It won’t solve your problem of not making money online.

There are two main reasons why 99% of the people who start an online business fail to make any money at all.

The first reason is that they don’t actually work at it.

If you really want this to be true, then convince yourself that there are ways to start an online business for less than $10, do absolutely nothing with it and make thousands your first day.

All you have to do is search Google for opportunities, and the promises of fast, easy riches will soon fill your screen.

I have no real answers for those of you who think this way, but I will say this…

Time and money will eventually teach you that it will never work this way.

Time To Stop Buying The Next Greatest Thing.

Until you learn that lesson, you will almost certainly fail.

The second reason why people fail to make any money, and the subject of this post, is believing that there really is a magic bullet, that one product or service that makes it possible to start making money right now.

The problem with this is that it takes your attention and efforts off actual income producing activities.

Like building your email list and establishing trust with them, and puts it toward something else.

In a recent experiment, I played a hypothetical game to see what’s possible.

I decided to join the “Next Greatest Thing” and was going to make it work.

This opportunity promised “18 streams of income,” and offered a start up of zero cost. Sounds good, right?

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