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Finding the right niche

#finding the right niche

Finding the right niche and target market always comes first. Don’t promote a product and then try to find a target audience for it, choose your audience first.

finding the right niche

Let’s talk about my favorite niche, which is affiliate marketing and why I prefer the affiliate marketing niche.

The main reason I chose to sell training to existing and aspiring affiliate marketers is return on investment (ROI).

When you can demonstrate the ROI of the training you are selling to your prospect you can sell expensive programs that pay big commissions.

You might be wondering who in the world would spend that kind of money on a program.

But remember, just because a program sounds expensive to you doesn’t mean it sounds expensive to others.

To someone running a business, high dollar programs that teach them how to make even more money doesn’t sound expensive at all.

They sound like a good investment.

Also, I don’t just sell to these types of marketers, I’m one of them.

I have no problem spending money to get one-on-one coaching, for example.

I rationalize the decision by thinking if I implemented this advice how much extra profit can I make this year.

It’s always a lot more than the investment, so I spend the money.

A typical business might spend $5000 a year on consulting or seminars that helps them take their company to the next level.

Imagine how much money you might have made if you had been the affiliate that got them to buy those programs.

So I’d rather sell an expensive program to 50 customers paying $1,000 each, instead of something costing $100 to 500 customers.

The first option has a lot less headaches than the other, and now you face the same choice.

You can promote a program that pays $1,000 per sale, and make 50k with just 50 customers.

Or you can try to make $50,000 promoting something with just $100 commissions, which means you need to find five hundred customers.

Yes, it is a little harder to find customers who will pay higher prices than those who won’t.

But it’s not proportionately harder.

Most people willing to spend $100 on the course will just as easily spend a thousand dollars.

If the product you promote is valuable enough and is presented in an irresistible way.

Finding the right niche is the key for anyone looking to get started in affiliate marketing.

Finding the right niche can be anything where people are in urgent need or want of your products.

You will want to enter a large busy niche where there is already lots of affiliates selling to people.

Don’t look at competition as a bad thing, it’s a good sign there’s people making money.

Browse the magazine subscription section on or visit Barnes and Noble and see what niches have the most titles represented.

Or just go to and look at the different niches in their categories menu.

Some are tame and slow and some full of products that have high gravity scores which indicates a lot of affiliates are making sales promoting them.

The people within the most profitable niches want or need something to ease their pain, whether it’s emotional, psychological, financial or physical.

The pain is what drives them to go searching online for answers, where you will have strategically placed your blog or page right in front of them.

And the pain is what helps motivate them to take action now and buy, rather than procrastinate.

Remember finding the right niche and target market always comes first.

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