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Finding A Mentor

#finding a mentor

Finding A Mentor

Some say that there is nothing more valuable to an entrepreneur than finding a mentor who will help you grow your business. 

When you’re real serious about finding a mentor.

You will be searching for someone who has already made all of the mistakes.

They will help you to avoid making all of the mistakes they did in your niche or business.

If you’re tired of going at this alone.

They will have the wisdom that comes from experience to point out pitfalls and to help you make the best choices.

So why would this person, who is successful, want to spend time to help someone succeed?

I can answer that, but first, let me tell you about my mentor who is an accomplished entrepreneur.

Zach has coached some of the biggest stars (I believe) in this business. He is a very well liked and a respected entrepreneur in the Internet Marketing field.

He has a lot of students that he spends many hours not only teaching, but counseling them on their choices.

When asked why he spends so much time doing that, he says, “It is like living forever.”

“What I teach them, they will pass onto others, then what I know lives forever.”

I sure as hell want that “immortality” as well.

These entrepreneurs are the ones who are most likely to coach and mentor an up and coming entrepreneur.

Of course, great mentors are not going to be interested in your money if you haven’t committed to doing the hard work.

These potential mentors are looking for the new rock stars who have shown that they have a right and healthy mindset.

The rock stars who are working hard and know what product to sell.

How to drive traffic to that offer and then work on optimizing it to get the best conversions.

It fact, the person most likely finding a mentor is the one who is already working hard and helping themselves.

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