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Published on 11/22/2021 additional information available

Invest in nodes to earn 200% returns on your investments (ROI).

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Let’s earn crypto together.

Come join our team and be one of the next crypto millionaires.

Invest in nodes to earn 200% returns on your investments (ROI}.

They are not mined by computing hash power or staking other coins. But, made when a node matures to become a coin with time.

You get a free node to start.

The basic purpose of a node is to earn till its maturity value is reached. And once it has matured, it stops earning and becomes a coin. This coin then becomes a part of a Wave Blockchain network and called as a Big.Byte.Block Coin.

What is the daily earning from a node?

Your invested amount in node is multipled by ROI percentage and then divide by 365 days will give you your daily earning.

Why is BBB Coin Unique and Valuable?

First, blocking a node is not free. It is not a free crypto in the making thereby implementing Proof of Stake (PoS) protocol.
Second, every node promises a definite return on investment (ROI), which is again used to block further nodes, implementing Proof of Work (PoW) protocol.

Third, BBB coin is produced only when the network grows by blocking more nodes. So, the forces of demand and supply guard its production necessity and not any individual desire or any constant running code.

What is the value of one BBB Coin?

Since BBB coin is listed its current value can be determined from However, it ranges between the current value of a node and its maturity value.

To Sum Up: This is How it works ?

  • Add deposit to block nodes or start with your free one.
  • Nodes will earn $$$ till its maturity.
  • Use $$$ to block even more nodes.
  • On maturity withdraw your initial deposit and matured BBB Coins to

You can block the next available node number #2,339,135 at $ 0.796 to earn $ 1.592, in BBB Coins as 200% returns.

Get started today.

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