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Published on 6/29/2020 additional information available

Info on Adjustment to RS Ancient Summoning with $10 Off Cheap RS Gold on RSorder

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RS ancient summoning will be adjusted with the update this month. Here you could learn the details of this rebalance. 

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Adjustment made to RS ancient familiars 

RS ancient summoning will be rebalanced with the update this week. Here you could learn the details:
-All ancient familiars will convert into 20 scrolls per pouch, instead of 10. As players will be getting double the scrolls, the team will be halving the amount of XP gained from each scroll use.
-The buy limits of all Archaeology materials will be increased from 1,000 to 5,000. This adjustment serves the dual purpose of ensuring that everyone can get hold of the materials they need and removing the indirect restriction the buy limit placed on the number of Binding Contracts that could be made.
  With the rebalance, the end result will be that more Binding Contracts will be made, and more pouches will be created, which will eventually lower the price of the scrolls.

General information on RS ancient familiars 

Ancient Summoning is an expansion to the Summoning skill, which can be unlocked at level 68 Archaeology, or at a minimum level of 66. Players must complete the mystery Dagon Bye and sign a Pact with Dagon in order to begin Ancient Summoning. Once the pact is signed, players may begin creating binding contracts, requiring 1 blue charm, a normal pouch, 2 Bloods of Orcus, 2 hellfire metals, and 200 spirit shards. 

What do you think about RS ancient familiars rebalance?

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