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Published on 11/9/2019 additional information available

Obtain RS Cinder Cores for Bonus XP with Free Rsorder Runescape gold

#rs gold

A brand new Treasure Hunter promotion named RS Cinder Cores has been released in game. When it is active, there is a chance of obtaining new cinder cores for 250% bonus experience.

RSorder will have special gifts for you for coming Thanksgiving Day! Happy to join Pre-Thanksgiving Flash Sale to enjoy totally 1250M RS gold & 250M OSRS gold for free at 3:00 AM GMT on November 11, 2019.

When to join in RS Cinder Cores in TH?

As the new Treasure Hunter promotion, RS Cinder Cores is active now and will run until 23:59 on Monday November 11, 2019. During this TH promo, there is a chance to obtain RS cinder core for more bonus XP. You can receive 3 free cinder cores when you first open Treasure Hunter during this promotion.

Obtain cinder cores for bonus experience

A cinder core obtained from this Treasure Hunter promotion can grant 250% bonus experience when it is active. It will explode after 51,613 additional bonus XP has been used while wearing it, which means each core will last for about 86,021.6 bonus experience, 34,408.6 base experience, or 120,430.2 total experience.
In addition, each time the cinder core can pulse everyone around the core's owner gets 2% bonus XP. Every time another cinder core explodes, another 2% bonus will be added to the buff to a maximum of 10% bonus burn rate. The effect will last 10 minutes, with the timer being reset every time another cinder core explodes.
Note: You can also purchase 2 cinder cores from the Oddments Store for 250 oddments.

Have you joined in RS Cinder Cores Treasure Hunter promotion?

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