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Published on 6/22/2019 additional information available

New FB coin: Language Move, Libra and Calibra

#Language Move
# Libra
# Calibra

Facebook's Libra Crypto Coin

Facebook announced Libra, a cryptocurrency that it will launch (along with 27 other partners) in 2020.

Language Move


Libra blockchain is designed in its own language Move. According to the project team, it was necessary for the programmability of the network, the possibility of its gradual change and the addition of new functions.



An “early version” of the Move code has been published, and at the testing stage, they want to involve the community in order to refine it. For this, a large-scale bounty program for finding and fixing bugs will be organized, which will work right up to the full launch of the network in 2020.

The initial cost of tokens is not yet known. At the same time, previously on Facebook, judging by the leaks, they planned to develop a steyblecoin pegged to the fiat currency.


The use of a token is Libra’s main advantage over bank transfers: low transaction costs. Calibra’s creping wallet is the first product on the Libra blockchain. It will be built into Facebook and WhatsApp, and also available as a separate application. To work in it you will not need to register an account on Facebook.


The sites of the blockchain project Libra and its official crypto wallet Calibra are available.


The launch of the Libra token leads to an influx of new players into the industry.


“We will all be paying for the barrels of cryptocurrency oil Facebook.” Thisbdo the representatives of the Russian elite relate to new cryptocurrencies.


Officially announced the long-awaited blockchain project from Facebook called Libra. The stated goal is to involve in the financial system everyone who for some reason cannot use the services of banks. As stated on the official website of Libra, there are about 1.7 billion people in the world today, and they live mainly in poor and developing countries.

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