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How Content Marketing Helps You to Work With Other Bloggers

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How Content Marketing Helps You Working With Other Bloggers

How Content Marketing Helps You Working With Other Bloggers


Content marketing generally tends to refer to the process of publishing content on your own website so that you create ways for people to find your brand (through Google) and so that you can build trust and authority. But content marketing is really any kind of marketing that involves content, and that includes "guest posting."

Guest posting works the exact same way as content marketing on your own site, the only difference is that you are gaining exposure via another creator's channel rather than your own. The aim is still to show that you have the knowledge and can provide value; however, it is still to build trust with your audience via a "free sample."

The advantage here is that guest posting allows you to start afresh with a new audience, and you also get a quick "boost" in your authority because you are getting the seal of approval from a blogger that that audience trusts.

The Power of Content Marketing and
Guest Posting

Anyone can guest post, but if you have already been investing energy into content marketing, you will likely find that you are much more effective. That is because guest blogging works best when you have fantastic content to share with the other blog. Not only will this increase your chances of actually getting published on the blog you are targeting, but it will also help you to make the best first impression on that audience.

At the same time, having great content on your own site is very important. Remember, when someone publishes your content on their site, this is essentially their seal of approval. If your website is of low quality, then this association will hurt their reputation and brand. If you want to get onto the top blogs, you need to ensure that the content on your own site is as good as that found on those top blogs.

How to Get Other Blogs to Work With You
Even if you are the best content marketer in the world, you might still find it is a struggle to get new creators to work with you.

There are many ways you can get around this obstacle, but one of the most important is to build a relationship with the blogger before you contact them. People do not like being contacted out of the blue with no prior interaction, so how can you get them to sit up and listen?

One option is to try mentioning that blogger for free in one of your posts. If they see this, then it will help to demonstrate that you have similar audiences and similar approaches.

Another method is to try to strike up a conversation about something else. Try sending a message to say "Hi" or just to ask questions. If they sell a service, you could even try hiring them for that service.

Either way, you are creating an interaction so that when your name shows up in their inbox, they know who you are!

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