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Published on 11/20/2019 additional information available

Creating A Positive Mindset - Day 3 - 5 Ways Changing Your Attitude Could Improve Your Health

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What is Positive Thinking, Anyway?

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5 Ways Changing Your Attitude Could Improve Your Health

While most of us equate good physical health with eating right and getting enough exercise, you should also consider how your mindset plays a role in your overall health. 

Top Five Health Benefits of Positive Thinking 

    • Positive Thinking Reduces Stress - Stress can cause several physical problems, including suppressing your immune system. Those with a positive outlook are much more likely to fight off infections, have stronger cardiovascular health, and enjoy healthy digestion, all of which are affected by stress.
    • A Positive Mindset Can Magnify the Effects of Exercise - When you think positively about the physical activity you get every day, your body responds by magnifying the effects of whatever you are doing.
    • Your Mindset Affects Your Nutrition - You are what you think you are eating! If you believe that you are eating a healthy meal, you are more likely to feel fuller and more satisfied. Changing your mindset about healthy eating helps you avoid binging and overeating, as well.
    • Your Positive Attitude Can Help Heal Your Body - The placebo effect is real! If you believe that treatment is helping you, there is a higher chance that it will work. And when you have a positive mindset about your doctor’s ability to help you, you are more likely to trust their recommendations and to enjoy better outcomes.
    • Positive Thinking Improves Your Quality of Life - Whether you are healthy or ill, your mindset plays a significant role in your enjoyment of life and how well you handle problems.

Those with severe illness or serious injuries enjoy a happier life and feel more at peace, regardless of their condition or prognosis, when they have a positive mindset. 

Just by changing your attitude, you can improve your health and how well you handle minor and major problems throughout your life. The mind is a powerful healthcare tool that many of us ignore. 

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