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Published on 10/27/2020 additional information available

Be More Productive - 15 Productivity Tips - Part 1

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Be More Productive
15 Productivity Tips - Part 1

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Increasing your productivity to free up hours in your week is easier than you think. There are three key steps. First, understand how you work. Analyze the types of tasks and projects you do. Know how you plan your day, prioritize projects, and do the work. 

Next, learn new techniques to eliminate unnecessary tasks, reduce distractions, and save time. Finally, start implementing. At first, the changes might feel challenging. With practice, you will create new habits that increase your effectiveness. Start with these easy tips. Try them out and watch your productivity soar!

Productivity Tip #1: Plan your day the night before. 
A plan doesn’t need to take a lot of time. And, it’s certainly not hard to do. Make some notes about what you need to get done. Prioritize your projects and then slot them into your calendar with your best time estimates. A plan will empower you because you reduce your uncertainty about the future. The next day you will be clear and confident about what you need to do, and you can jump immediately into your work! 

Productivity Tip #2: Schedule all telephone calls for a set duration.
By placing time boundaries around phone calls, you will add back hours to your schedule and operate more efficiently when working within a limited time frame. Email an agenda to your colleague before the call. Stay focused and keep the conversation moving along. And, consider investing in an online appointment app so others can schedule calls at times that are best for you.

Productivity Tip #3: Check email only twice per day.
Limit yourself to checking email twice per day -- three times, if you must. It will reduce your stress and anxiety by checking it less frequently. More importantly, you will be training others that you are not going to return their emails immediately. Setting firm boundaries is a win-win. It makes you more efficient, and others will understand your work patterns.

Productivity Tip #4: Schedule everything in your planner -- even your rest and relaxation time.
When you have a lot to do, some things will inevitably be pushed to the back burner. Time for rest and relaxation is one of those things. Without adequate rest, your brain won’t operate as efficiently. Your irritation and distraction levels will increase, while your productivity will plummet. Always schedule your work breaks and even sleep time. When you are rejuvenated, you can actually work faster and accomplish more.

Productivity Tip #5: Stop multi-tasking. It is proven to reduce your productivity.
Contrary to popular belief, tasks take longer to complete when multi-tasking. It is unhealthy for the brain, and it diminishes your IQ. Researchers are studying multi-tasking to determine if it actually causes permanent adverse changes to the brain. Your mind is designed to focus on one thing at a time, so you optimize your results when you do that. The added benefit is that you get your task done faster! 

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