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Published on 2/24/2020 additional information available

Michael Arcand - IBO Champion, up close and personal

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This is another in our series about the high achievers here at the IBOtoolbox. Our participants graciously agreed to participate in this series, where we take a peek behind the curtain into the life of our IBO Champions. Each participant agreed to an email interview, answering questions about their life and business. It is a fun way to get to know our fellow members ... up close and personal. Let's get started! We welcome ...

 Michael Arcand ... 

IBO Champions

... up close and Personal

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1.   Michael, please tell us a little bit about yourself, where you live, and a little about your background. 

My name is Michael Arcand. I currently live in East Texas. I've had many jobs over the years, from a stint in the US Army to shipping manager at a plastics factory. Today I am self-employed, working from home online.

2.   What is your main business? 

Local SEO/PPC for small to medium sized businesses. My sideline business that I'm building for retirement is with Strong Future International.

3.   What attracted you to the internet marketing world? 

Money and working from home.

4.   What do you like best about IBOtoolbox? 

Networking with postive people.

5.   What is your passion? 

To help others improve their lives in any way I can.

6.   Who is the number one hero in your life? 

James Eaves, a preacher who took me in at the age of 14.

7.   What is the last book you read? 

The Farmers Almanac.

8.   What is playing on your iPod (CD,cassette,LP) right now? Your favorite music? Your most favorite song? 

Watching "Pandemic" on Netflix. I have too many "favorite" songs to list!

9.   What is your favorite food? 


10.   What is your weirdest habit? 

Singing in the car while driving.

11.   What is your dream car? 

Tesla Roadster (blue)!

12.   What is on top of your bucket list, the one thing you want to do in your life? 

Go into space.

13.   Which person, dead or alive, would you like to have dinner with? 

Bill Gates.

14.   What do you do every day to keep yourself motivated? 

Share motivational quotes, listen or watch a motivational clip in the mornings.

15.   How would you like to be remembered, your legacy? 

As a good father and husband who leaves a legacy for my children.

16.   What is your most profitable activity online today? 

Doing SEO for businesses.

17.   Share with us the one link you want to share with the world, and why? 

It's my home on the web! Stop by and visit. :) 

Thank you, Michael! I appreciate your time, it was fun!

Herb Ratsch




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