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8/20/2019 Daily Motivation - Opening my heart brings me joy  
# daily motivation
# self-improvement
# life lessons

8/9/2019 Awesome New YouTube Channel  
#making money
# investing

7/31/2019 Daily Motivation - Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts  
# daily motivation
# self-improvement
# life lessons

7/28/2019 Daily Motivation - My faith helps me overcome my grief  
# daily motivation
# self-improvement
# life lessons

7/26/2019 Daily Motivation - Your life is the fruit of your own doing. You have no one to blame but yourself  
# daily motivation
# self-improvement
# life lessons

7/23/2019 Daily Motivation - I am inspired by the world around me  
#I spend a lot of my day at my desk at home brainstorming on ideas and thinking of possibilities
# and things to write about. Above all
# I love to be the person who motivates and inspires someone into action
# and to believe that the world is a better place
# because they are in it. I love to give people hope. I would be lying if I said that I am not inspired
# intrigued
# and sometimes even challenged when I read books and articles
# or watch videos
# because I am. While writers and video producers are good at what they do
# they too need to be inspired. There are times when we wake up completely bored
# and wish we could stay in bed all day
# but we have responsibilities to handle. I find that a lot of my inspiration comes from watching nature. There is something intriguing about how Mother Nature has blended her colors. Breathing in the fresh air while taking a long walk in the park
# tells me there is more to life.

7/20/2019 Daily Motivation - Be Happy For This Moment. This Moment Is Your Life  
#This moment is all you are certain of. You never know what tomorrow brings
# so it makes sense to be happ+y right now
# in this moment. Tomorrow is not a guarantee. I am sure you have seen people who sacrificed their happiness for a better future
# but lost their lives before they could reap the fruits of their sacrifice. Be happy now
# do not be tempted to postpone happiness
# for you never know about the next hour
# or the next day. Living in the moment is the secret to happiness. Most people live physically in the moment
# but mentally their thoughts are either in the past
# or in the future. They choose to dwell on sad events of the past
# and therefore remain sad in the present. They may also focus a lot on upcoming events
# or worry about future conditions. They become anxious and unhappy every moment of their lives. If only you can train your mind to forget about the past
# pay little attention to the future
# and focus on the here and now
# happiness will be your life. This moment is your life
# because you can experience it
# feel it
# and even see it. It is easy to focus on goals you want to accomplish
# and the things you wish you had. In the process you forget to be grateful for what you already have
# and all the achievements in your life. Your lifestyle becomes a never-ending race for fulfillment and happiness.

7/18/2019 Daily Motivation - Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attracts simultaneously the head, the heart, and the senses  
#Throughout our lives we have seen things
# connections
# like family and friends
# and yes
# even money
# that influences people's thinking and behaviour. Sometimes even to the extreme. And then there is love. Love has made people almost lose their mind
# careers
# friends
# and even break the family ties. A person in love does not care about that interview for their dream job
# just so they may go on vacation with their special someone. To others
# when the family does not approve of their newly found love
# they might even break away from the family
# forever. For an outsider it is hard to understand the power of love. People think this is all crazy
# but when you love someone
# everything changes
# your heartbeat
# your thoughts
# and even your senses. When you are with someone you love
# you lose the sense of time
# and in those moments
# time does not matter anymore. In the name of love
# people have changed what we believe in
# just to make the other person happy. So deep is love that some also change their strong religious beliefs to match their partner’s beliefs. The interesting part of it is that
# before they fell in love
# they might have zealously criticized that religion! Love sees only the bright future. The cliche that love is blind best illustrates how senseless love can be. To others
# you remove that special someone in the picture
# and the future could be dark with nothing to hope for
# or wish for.

7/16/2019 Daily Motivation - Hearty laughter is a good way to jog internally without having to go outdoors  
# when I visited friends for dinner. I was welcomed in by giggles
# and uncontrollable laughs by the friend’s young child. She is about one year old
# but this kid was really into it. We did not know why she kept laughing
# but it seemed amusing. Before we knew it
# we all joined in
# and laughed together
# within seconds
# everyone in the house was laughing. It was just incredible! Even the friend's boy
# who earlier was given a lecture for breaking some glasses
# was really laughing. It is amazing
# how a baby’s laughter can be this spontaneous and beautiful
# infecting everyone around. It seems to heal emotions in people. What most people don’t know
# is that by laughing
# anti-stress hormones are released
# giving us that desired relief. It is medicinal to laugh to the extent
# where your stomach hurts
# and tears flow down your cheeks. Many people think that they must go out and party to have fun
# to fully laugh
# and relieve stress. Yes
# that works as well
# however it is not a must. You can create fun and jog your mind just being at home.

7/14/2019 Daily Motivation - Today is an amazing day  
#Thank God for this amazing day! For the green spirits of the trees
# and the blue true dream of the sky. Everything looks natural for today is a new day in your life
# a day that will just keep getting better. Look out your window
# the sun is rising from the east. Everything looks so magnificent as you enjoy the sun coming up over the horizon
# above the hills and the trees. Another amazing day is waiting for you. Wash your beautiful soul in this brilliant morning sunshine. Today is an amazing day
# everything is in perfect order. Things you can see
# touch and hear. Brightness has once again appeared to you to show you everything. It has revealed the splendor of it all
# and has shown it to each of one of us alone. It is another day for you to breathe fresh air
# a day you can think about the amazing possibilities in your life. This is the start of another day. Consider this day as one of God's blessing to you. It is a day to make a new beginning. There is no doubt it is an amazing day. No one knows what lies ahead
# but do not allow yourself to get caught in negative thinking
# even if it rains. Stay upbeat
# and things will work out just fine. The day has brought in new energies
# the rain will wash away all your worries
# the breeze will blow in new energies
# and the moon will ring in a good night's rest. Yesterday's lemons will be ingredients for today’s lemonade. Yesterday's seeds will produce today’s harvest. Surely it will be an amazing day.

7/12/2019 Daily Motivation - Others Can Count On Me  
#You might be wondering just now
# why should I help others
# when I got everything I need to be content with in my life? On the other hand
# you may be thinking
# why should I help others
# when no one has ever helped me to get to where I am? It is important to note that there is way more joy and satisfaction in giving
# than there is in receiving. Helping others
# whenever you can
# will bolster your confidence
# add to your happiness
# and motivates you to do even more. It also changes your whole outlook in life in a very positive way. It is always a win-win situation
# when others will be able to count on you. The individual you had the pleasure to assist
# will naturally feel better
# which will also add to your own self esteem. A kind and considerate gesture
# no matter how trivial it might appear to be
# is never forgotten. Your effort to be helpful to others will always be appreciated. Giving
# without expectations
# is like being grateful for what we have in life. Remember
# gratitude opens the doors for more good in our lives. Some people may think that helping others is sort of an investment
# that can pay off abundantly. But remember
# it is wise to have gratitude
# and help others with a sincere heart.

7/10/2019 Daily Motivation - I calmly release my stress into the wind  
#The Foundation of a Stress-free Life - One simple thing that has the capability to lead us towards a simplified and better life
# is the simple truth that everything that happens to us is a result of our thought process. The reason behind stress is the noise from the thoughts inside our mind. We forget the fact that a single incident that happened to us
# should not have the power to make us stressed out for an entire day. All it does
# it blocks the path of true happiness. The principle theory of life is
# negativity is always smaller than positivity. It is up to us to choose which one expands in our consciousness. It is those simple little joys of life
# that can over shadow all of our stress. Something as simple as deep breathing can calm your mind and release stress. Practice deep breathing
# and you will realize that every time you inhale
# you take in the positivity from the universe
# and every time you exhale
# you send out all the negativity and stress stored inside of you. Deep breathing acts as a medicine for the body. Deep breathing heals your heart
# and the endorphins released by deep breathing make you feel happier. Stress can make you lose out on the real happiness of life. Be it little things like helping someone
# or enjoying a nice cup of coffee with a friend or loved one. Stress does not let calmness exist within you
# and without a calm soul
# happiness cannot express in your life.

7/8/2019 Daily Motivation - All great achievements require time  
# Sweat and Tears - The Prerequisites for Great Accomplishments - Great achievements are usually preceded by patience
# perspiration and persistence. If you exercise these three elements
# challenges and difficulties seem to magically disappear. It is very important to be patient. Things can be very difficult before they becomes easy. Our paths can be unclear at the beginning. That is why we have to learn to be patient
# and also persevere
# so we can see where our paths lead to. Patience can be a bitter pill to swallow
# but the eventual fruits are all that much sweeter. Great achievements can only be attained by someone with a strong character. If we lack the ability to wait
# we do not have control of our life. With patience
# we can achieve so much more
# than someone who uses force. Know that deep down
# we are children of the divine
# and we inherited divine charateristics. We want to develop as many of those that we can. But we also need to accept
# just like other great people
# we have a human element that cam make us lose patience
# or even our temper. Remember
# before travelling on the long
# fast-flowing river of life
# that our sails are set with patience and persistence.

7/6/2019 Daily Motivation - Life is not accumulation, it is about contribution  
#Did you ever sit below a shady tree during a hot sunny day
# and felt a soothing effect offered by the shadow beneath the canopy? Or did you ever feel thirsty to the extent you felt your throat is cracking up
# and then just out of nowhere a friend offered you a glass of ice-cold juice? Such a feeling refreshes
# right? Yes
# such a feeling rejuvenates. And that is the essence of life. Life has a way of surprising us when we least expect. Despite the circumstances we go through
# there is always the other side of life that brings a smile to our face
# a side that tickles our fancy. What do we do when life gives us a bunch of bitter lemons? The answer is: we make lemonade! That brings us to the question
# are we contributors
# or accumulators in this business of life? Naturally
# as human beings we enjoy being recipients of different things in life
# such as affection
# money
# security
# among many others. We are wired in such a way that we tend to contribute less
# but want to receive more. But is life always all about receiving without contributing? I guess not!

7/4/2019 Daily Motivation - Patience in One of my Virtues  
#Impatience is something we are all guilty of at one time or another. If you are like me
# I am sure you have demanded to get things done now
# and ended up ruffling a few feathers. Or perhaps even used a few choice words
# because things took forever to get done. In a world where we are pressured to be the go-getters
# and save time
# because "time is money"
# patience does not come that easy. It also does not help that we all have that inner desire to always satisfy our needs. The truth is
# however
# that patience pays
# and at the end of the day
# we will be much happier if we are patient with people
# and the ever changing life situations. Learning to be patient does not mean that we have to make drastic changes in our life
# far from it. All we need to do is let go. We can take the time to complete our duties at work
# enjoy bonding with family and friends
# and accomplish all the goals that we have set for ourselves. Just resist the urge to rush through life. Take time and savor every moment. Being patient means that we will be able to accomplish everything we set our mind to
# and do it well. Though we may take longer
# the journey will be much easier and more enjoyable. We will have a chance to learn things along the way
# and we might even be surprised when we finally start having fun
# as we work and complete tasks
# that we previously disliked. Patience may mean that we have to forgo instant gratification. And that is a good thing
# because in most cases it comes with a promise of something better for tomorrow.

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