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Published on 10/9/2019 additional information available

"Go Ahead, Make My Day"- Dirty Harry

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A Great Quote that almost everyone knows and responds to with a smile.

"What we have here is a failure to communicate." is a line from Cool Hand Luke* if you remember, and one of my favorite quotes from this great film.  "Get Your Mind Right." is another, and speaks volumes in our business.

"The attempt is often painful, but The ATTEMPT is ALL we have."- Anonymous

"Vision without Execution is Hallucination."- Thomas Jefferson ... Powerful, as he was talking about the importance of Taking Action.

Quoting someone, or creating your own quotes is a great way of starting a conversation.

You may recall me saying:

"The only marketing that Pays, is Marketing that WORKS." ... and ... 

"A Healthy Concern is a Great Beginning."- P. Schaefer 

So what am I trying to say ?  Truth be told ...

=> No Product sells itself, and No one has built a Big Successful Business just by telling their friends.  It's a business, and like any other business it requires marketing, Real Marketing.  Something you are going to have to get your mind around.  

Think about this, a Master Mechanic who knows Engines inside and out, who can troubleshoot and is handy with tools, may Not necessarily be able to build a successful auto repair business.  It takes Marketing, Customer Support and Satisfaction, Team Training and Assistance, lots and lots of Followup, and more.

IT's the Mindset that distinguishes the Technician from the successful Business owner.

The Mindset that drives you to take necessary Actions, get the necessary Training, and  Doing the necessary Daily Tasks, The Follow Ups, and all the rest of the duties that need to be done aside from just fixing the car.  The same applies to the Marketer.

You have to become, and portray yourself as the Leader and the Marketer ... Not the "I'm a Rep for Such-and-Such a Company" ... But rather I'm a product of the product myself.

A Follow My Lead* example.

Products are Not going to Sell themselves, and Your friends are Not going to tell ALL their friends.  "Nah Gah Dah."- George Bush Senior  (Not Gona Do IT)

IF You want to be a Network Marketer ... You'll need to start Walking, Talking, and Acting like a Network Marketer.  You'll need to get yourself all the necessary Training and Coaching.  You'll need to learn how to Define Your Target Market, connect with those people, show them how you can Help them, provide a Solution to a Problem, convince them that you're a reliable hard working sponsor, mentor, and coach, and Show them the way!!

Not everyone cares what you're doing or what you're offering ... Not everyone has the same Desires, Needs and Wants that you have, and Not everyone dreams like You Dream.  My passion is Wellness and Nutrition, and PREVENTION.  What's yours?

You have to learn how to find those people.  But how?

You need a hungry crowd.   Learn how to Target-Market* ... Your Market.

Follow up with those people in a non-obtrusive fashion and in a way that makes people Want to Listen, or maybe even Work with You.

 A SMILE can go a long way too ... :) ...

Attraction Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Content Marketing ... Whatever you want to call it. Sometimes just Being Likable will get you closer to where you need to be. To where you want to be.

Are you The Beginner Network Marketer* willing And able to do what's necessary?  How Bad do You want it?  How Hungry are You?

How Determined are You, and How Persistent are you?  Do you have what it takes?  Can you stand the heat?

Tough questions I know, but questions that need to be asked.

Remember too that it takes time to build any Business, and Time Takes Time!

You must be patient.  "Even an overnight success can take years."- Anonymous

"There are Followers* and there are Leaders*, and as Entrepreneurs we must be both."- P. Schaefer ( or at least, a little bit of both )

Thanks for your time.  Make it a Great Day everyday.  Follow my lead.  Let's DO This.

Phil Schaefer - Your Global Marketing Assistant ... How do you Brand yourself ?

P.S.  "Confidence is going fishing for Moby Dick in a Rowboat, and bringing the Tartar-Sauce with you."- Zig Ziglar

P.P.S. "T.G.I.F. or Think Greatness is Feasible."- P. Schaefer ... Your 24/7 Paradigm-Shift* for everyday of your week.

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