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Published on 11/2/2021 additional information available

Women in Modern India

#Women in Modern india

women have made 

Stheir presence felt in every field of activity and are playing a vital role in the development of free and modern India.

They have proved their intellectual and administrative  qualities through their honest,Sincere and pains.

taking efforts and efficient accomplishments.

Women have proved their skill in everywhere of administration and management.

They are objective and impartial in their approach.Women have also enhanced India's prestige in the world as diplomats.

Women have also enhanced India's prestige in the world diplomats .Women in modern India have achiebed great success in the role of doctors and nurses.They have relieved human suffering and are an asset to work in rural areas. Nursing has also become very popular now.

Educated women are an asset as teachers and even pursue research work in different areas of human knowledge.

Women have a pivotal role in teaching and guiding the children and building a strong foundation for the future of the country.

They have a great role in the character formation of children .

They are very intelligent and have made their marks as educationists.

Women can contribute immensely to social welfare of the people.

They can render social service both during times of peace and during war.They are receiving training even in use of arms to enable them to serve in to the country's defence in case of emergency.They have excelled in every sphere and in future,they will prove their worth to the country's progress.

Capitalism ,Socialism,Central planning are means not ends.In themselves,they are neither moral not immoral,human not inhumane.We have to ask what are their results.We have to look at what are the consequences of adopting one or another system of organization.

From that point of view.the crucial thing  is to look beneath the surface.Don't look at what the proponents of one system or another say about their intentions,but look  at what the actual results are.

Socialism ,when means government ownership and operation of means of production,has appealed to high _minded,fine people,to people of idealistic views because of the supposed objectives of socialism,especially because of the supposed objectives of socialism,especially because of the supposed objectives of equality and social justice..

These are fine objectives and it is tribute to people of goodwill that those objectives  should appeal to them.

same in the case of

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