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Published on 12/21/2021 additional information available

The performance

#communication and interconnection

The Performance of  internet marketing is the one of the source of the communication and  interconnection of business .

The business concept is the connection  of business  and the connection of the performance ability.

The  source of income and generation of leads is the best performance of the  day to day market.

The communication and consumable  source  plays a important role  in performing the business.

The performance of  banks and 
Performance of money  exchanges are very high.

Performance  of  community
1.First need of community of the people

cleaning of the body with water dettol soap and other detergent  is the  part of its task of every  morning  of the  peoples.

2.According to the human welfare association of India 
paste  soap shampoo brush and towel  is  essential for every person  including clothes and shoes and washing detergents.

3.According to special deposit schemes of the investment portfolio
The Defence 
and all the people of the world follow this scheme of investment and generate income every month by purchasing the cleaness instrument of the body

4.Food cooperation of India become the second instrument for generating income of the body.

5.Food cooperation of India is the cooperation of the requirements of the food of the living organisms specially men women and childrens.

6.The  food cooperation of India supply the food to all cities and villages  specially on procurement prices to all cities.
from   there it is distributed to villages Stores  wholesale dealers  to   issue price for selling.

7.Administrated price mechanism is the mechanism of calculated income of daily used products.

8 Mechanism of the  machine of income is by the daily used products.

9 Water plays a  very important role in the life of living organism.

10.water is for  cleaning of bodies
11.water is for watering the plants which produce food.
12.water is for production of electricity and for this purpose the powerhouses are in the various cities which is near the rivers  ocean or dams.

12.liquid petroleum gas is essential for cooking 

13.petroleum subsidies
petrol and diesel   are essential for transportation system of humans and it is daily requirement of the transport.
including crudeoil and testable oils  brain oil coconut oil mustard oil amlaoil  saffola ,Ginni, eatableoil and body oil including hairoil plays a important role in moisturizing the body.

15 Apply body oil once in weak to nourish the body of the living organism and it will help to maintain the proper health and moisture skin

16. Mechanism of source of generating income source of consumption ×other source of consumption=total source of consumption


2.Value of 1 source of consumption =15000 

value of total source of consumption =1×Total population of the country

3 Estimated income of the country is around 256 Trillion 
in one month

to become the part of money making mechanism 
become the part of international system  generation of tree of money by money raising platform.

Banks and money exchange plays a important role in the generation of income.

Reserves and banks are the backbone of the national including money exchanges and bitcoinmoney exchange 
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