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Published on 11/19/2021 additional information available

Food and nutrition

#Protein and body sythesis

Friday event
All cells required nutrients for energy   production and they require to digest it.
In the humans the cavity of the small intensive the digestion of the nutrients take place by the help of intestinal enzymes and intestinal juices.

Proteins are the main constituents of the cell.
Certain proteins called enzymes speed up the chemical reaction of the life
1.Digestion of food production and building of other proteins.
3.Enzymes are for construction of the major molecules used by cells
Nucleic acids
Breakdown of the  large molecules in small components.
Function of protein
1.proteins  help in the formation of cell membrane.
2.protein also act as harmonies and antibodies
3.protein act as harmonies
4.protein transport oxygen  in Red blood capsules(RBC) humans one gene holds the formation of protein called insulin
(The harmony the imports glucose from blood stream
.while at least two genes hold
the information for collagen 
(The harmonies that imports glucose from blood stream)

Production Energy
Building  breaking down of molecules or transportation of substance along plasma membrane.

All cell require energy
All tasks performed by the cell require  energy.
Although energy is contained in nutrients cell
Must convert it into an easily usable form
Particularly ATP molecule
The cells energy 
This molecule contain three phosphate groups
Linked togather and form long chain.
Primary structure of protein
The basis structure of a protein is its amino acid sequences.
When a peptide bond joins the carboxyl group(one carbon atom,two oxygen atoms and a hydrogen atom)
of one amino acid to the amino group N
A long chains form many amino acids with one molecule of water being produced during the formation of each peptide link.
The most energy rich bonds are those attaching the second and third phosphate groups.
The bonds break down to release energy
Which is then used by the cell.
Be it in direct and indirect form
Sun provide most of the energy that living being require.
While cells produce energy from food.
Protein synthesis
The synthesis of proteins is one of the most important tasks  that a cell needs to perform .These  proteins manufactured after a series of the tasks performed by the DNA (found in the nucleus) are specially to fullfill the growth and development of the cells.
Most of the energy in the humans is produced in small units called mitochondria and subsequently stored in a compound called ATP
ATP molecule require energy Which comes from Food.
ATP is produced as the main product following a series of chemical reaction.
Formation of energy in humans.
Most of the energy in humans is

Which are then carried by the blood to the cells.
 In cells cytoplasm the sugars break down in to acids.
There are ATP is produced as the main product following a series of chemical reactions.while carbon dioxide and water are released as waste materials.
Compensation  plan 
It is concluded that  protein is essential for formation of body and healthy food.

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