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Published on 10/29/2021 additional information available

Benefits of gardening

#Health and greater satisifaction

The benefits of gardening are many as well as profound.

That was a good piece of work I did the other day in garden.I drew out a plan for planting the food ,fruit ,rose,the magnolia and the jasmine and other kinds of plants.

Beside gardening requires mathematical ability.A haphazard arrangement would defeat the aim of good gardening.

Here a sense of proportion is required.Gardening is mathematics in action, as one has to calculate how far the seeds should sown or seedlings planted from one another so that they do not  hinder one another's growth.Formely I used to go about my business without planning  things.

Since I look to gardening my mind has become more orderly.

Gardening curiously enough has developed my interest in Science,especially in chemistry.I have realized that the basic components that plant requires for growth are chemicals .I have realized that the basic components that  a plant requires for growth are chemicals and these have to be administered in the right quantities.studying the effect and uses of chemicals has been beneficial,as I can now understand the requirements of the plants.

My knowledge manures,knowledge of Botany(Plant physiology

)has perforced increased .

plants with food

plants with fruits

plants with medicines

plants with cotton clothes

plants with silk clothes

plants in the production of flowers.fruit,food and seeds.

. If the mind is encouraged to contemplate upon divine reality by the fruits of gardening .

The shades of green in leaves

The sweet scent the bright colour of blossoms

The butterfly and birds which are chirping in the garden.

The benefits of gardening are thus not only various but also a profound quality.

Foreign stranger and universe of  manfacturing of food nutrients milk and other nutrients for humans are impossible without plants

Plants are the friends of human

Without plants human cannot survive.

Basic requirement of human is food and oxygen

These requirements of humans are fulfilled by plants and also take part in multimillion business management   portfolio.

Bankers also give respect to plants for raising there growth of income.


Plant is most powerful income generated specimen in the world.


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