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Published on 7/30/2014 additional information available


 If you are going to find SUCCESS with Internet Marketing, you have to stay on top of the most effective trends in web marketing and also fully take advantage of them. The world of Internet sales and search engine ranking is unbelievably competitive. It is not enough to submit your web site to the search engines, you have to fight to reach the top and then fight even harder to maintain your position as top dog! The reality is, this can only be done with the very best web marketing tools and the most effective methods. 

I am sure that you have heard of Ad Blasts. Well, our new Blog Blaster Networking Tool offers an ad blast service with a real twist! 

When you post text ads to our blog network, your ads will immediately go into rotation and get exposure among our vast network of blogging web sites. We have already gained full permission from the owners of blogger networks so that we can hit their blogs with information on your products and services. 

The Blog Blaster is 100% permission based and effective! 
Your promotion always hits its target!

How Does It Work?
1) Your text ad appears on our Blog Network web sites (1002 real blogs of and more blogs are going to be added very soon) 
2) Place hypertext links in your text ad that point back to your web site
3) The search engines accept your ad as a legitimate link back to your web site
4) You rank higher in the search engines
5) You gains LOTS of exposure for your web site
6) FREE Text Ad rotation on our blog blaster website.

Place your own hypertext links in the text of your Blog Blaster ad 
 Why Blogs?
  • Blogs are extremely popular
  • Blogs reach a specific, interested target audience
  • Blogs are increasing in popularity and readership daily
  • New blogs are being started every day

NOW is the Time to Get On Board!
Opt-In Blog Blaster Networks are an innovative idea in Web Marketing! You have to get on the bandwagon early if you are to reap the big rewards that are always seen by all early followers of a good thing. 

We have created an extremely simple tool that does not need any special software or downloads on your computer to function. Our tool is so simple to use that even if you have only been using the Internet for 2 months, you can handle signing up and getting started. Try Blog Blaster now! 

Affiliates & Resellers

We offer an additional way for you to make money through re-selling and an affiliate account. Our excellent tracking tool will keep up with your downline while you make this near exclusive tool available to others. You will receive $2 per month for each Pro member you refer and $5 per month or $50 one time commission for each Reseller member you refer!
It costs nothing to be an affiliate. Don't wait - Sign up now for FREE!

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