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Published on 4/13/2014 additional information available

Yibida Autosurf and Manualsurf

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Yibbida Autosurf - 1:1 Autosurf Ratio - Automatic Traffic Exchange System
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Autosurf at Yibbida Autosurf to increase your website traffic

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Welcome To Yibbida Autosurf

Yibbida Autosurf operates a automatic traffic exchange system that is consistently generating web site traffic. Every member of Yibbida Autosurf can freely access and make use of our traffic exchange systems.

Register Your Free Yibbida AutoSurf Account today and receive 1000 Bonus Autosurf credits.

» Click Here To Claim Your Bonus Autosurf Credits «

Here at Yibbida we use a 1:1 Autosurf Ratio. For example, As you surf for Advertising credits our autosurf traffic exchange system will show you a web site that belongs to one of our members.

You are required to view each web site for a minimum of 12 seconds. Once the required 12 seconds have elapsed the autosurf system will automatically deposit 1 autosurf / page view credit into your yibbida autosurf account (You view 1 pages = 1 autosurf credit / 1 web site visitor = -1 credit). The Yibbida Autosurf system will then automatically repeat the whole process, continually depositing autosurf credits into your Free Yibbida Autosurf account.

In an effort to generate even more web site traffic for You and all of our other traffic exchange members, Yibbida Autosurf has joined the NWT Traffic Exchange Network, That means when you autosurf at yibbida autosurf your pages will be displayed to other autosurfer's using a wide variety of other autosurf traffic exchanges across the web.
Register Your Yibbida Autosurf Account Today

Autosurf Account Benefits

1:1 Autosurf Ratio. (one Autosurf credit for every page you view).
1:1 Manual surf Ratio. (one Manual surf credit for every page you view).
New members receive 1000 Bonus Autosurf Credits upon Account Activation.
Free autosurf accounts receive 100 Bonus Autosurf credits every month.
Free yibbida accounts receive 100 Bonus credits on login.
Free Yibbida Autosurf members can advertise up to 10 sites at any one-time.
You will earn a percentage of your referrals Autosurf Credits.
Receive Autosurf credits for every 24hr unique view of your referral URL's.
Free Banner & Text Ad Exchange increase Your sites exposure.
10% Commission on any Upgrades / Purchases made by your direct referrals.

Autosurf Account Signup 
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