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Published on 12/21/2021 additional information available

5 Types of pipe fitting

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Pipe fitting is essential for transporting fluids to any short or long distance in the safest manner. Pipe fitting is used in many industries like Textile machinery, Oil and gas industry, Gas Pipeline, Water waste projects and many more.

Pipe Fittings Types

1.) Pipe Fitting End Caps

Pipe Fitting End Caps products are mainly designed to control and help the flow of liquids, gases, or other materials. It is widely used by many companies and in pipe fitting work as it protects the end of the pipe.

Product Source: Pipe Fitting End Caps

2.) Pipe Fitting Cross Tee 

The Pipe Fitting Cross Tee is made with high-quality raw materials widely used for pipe fittings. It is also known as four-way fitting. Cross Tee has one inlet which allows the fluid to pass through. All the ends are positioned at a 90 Degree angle.

Product Source: Pipe Fitting Cross Tee

3.) Pipe Fitting Reducer 

A Pipe Fitting Reducer is a component used in pipelines to reduce the size of the pipe from big to small-bore based on the inner diameter. The Pipe Fitting Reducer is used to satisfy the needs of existing pipe systems with varying diameters or hydraulic flow.

Product Source: Pipe Fitting Reducer

4.) Pipe Fitting Coupling

A coupler is a very short pipe or tube with a socket on one or both ends that allows two pipes or tubes to connect. A pipe fitting coupling, also known as a coupler, is critical for connecting pipe sections while retaining pipe integrity. The piping and plumbing sector will benefit greatly from it. It can be used to adjust the diameter of a pipe. It can also be used to patch up a leaking or broken pipe.

Product Source: Pipe Fitting Coupling

5.) Pipe Fitting Elbow

Pipe Fitting Elbows are used to connect two lengths of pipe or tube and allow for direction changes. These elbows are usually characterised by their affiliation ends. For use at moderate and elevated temperatures, these fittings are used in pressure pipe and pressure vessel fabrication.

Product Source: Pipe Fitting Elbow

Pipe Fittings Uses

Pipe Fittings is used in Textile machinery, Oil and gas industry, Medical Gas Pipeline Systems, Pharmaceutical processing industry, Fluid piping, Modern architecture, Water waste projects.

Pipe Fittings Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporters in India.

Western Steel Agency is one of the leading Pipe Fittings Manufacturers in India. Our Pipe Fittings are durable and are ideal for multiple connections of pipes. Pipe Fittings products are used for associating and connecting pipes, pumps, valves, and far alternative instrumentation to make a piping system below the scale of two or four inches in diameter. We mostly use very high-quality raw materials for manufacturing these products.

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