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Affiliate Gurus are leaving you stuck with little to no results. 

So were going to show how a #1 affiliate business model to launch online even if you don’t have a following or list...

(I know bold claim... but that's our number one goal for you)

First off, let’s get into why we were doing this...

"Why",?... if you guys are making all this money, why would you teach other people how to do it too?”

I’m just going to be honest with you...

We have a big goal this year.

And the more I think about it, the more we need your help.

Here’s our goal:

My mentor Chad wants to make 5,000 new sales this year with the main subscription software he promotes which is a well-known digital marketing platform called Builderall.

(He’s currently the #1 affiliate worldwide)



And since Builderall’s commission structure is 30% recurring on 2 tiers

Whenever you make a sale, I also make a sale since you would be ‘under’ me on Builderall.

In other words…

The more sales you make, the more sales I make.

That’s when we realised…

Instead of us trying to make 5,000 new sales this year all by ourselves...

We figured why not just teach 100 people how to make 50 sales each (or more).

That way, we’d get our goal of 5,000 new sales…

And you would get your goal of having enough recurring income to pay your bills each month.

So we’re putting the call to anyone in affiliate marketing or wants to be in affiliate marketing.

> Read this personal invitation to work privately with us on our affiliate team.>


You don’t need a following or list to make this work.

I have met and worked with hundreds of successful affiliate marketers in my life. Over 80% of them didn’t have a huge following or any audience.

But they were promoting valuable products that people are already searching to buy.

For a product like Buildreall, you DON'T need to be a ‘fancy’ marketer.

You just need to make simple content around what people are already searching for.

Our last 23 Builderall students/partners started with no following or list of any kind…

We taught them working strategies like:

* Youtube SEO

* Facebook Groups

* Building Websites for Clients

* Google Ads

* Blogging

(Click here to see the results of our last 23 students/partners who joined our Builderall affiliate team)

You can do this too.

But, like I said we need your help.

Trust me.

We’re sharing everything...

It’s in our best interest.

We will get 100 people to make 50 sales each (or more) this year.

And I really want you to be one of them.

Because we need you as much as you need us.

>> Read this personal invitation to work privately with me on our affiliate team

Look forward to working with you,


**Andy Mitchell**

P.S. If you’re worried about this getting too competitive, two things:

1) We will be keeping this mentorship small by opening and closing it up at random times throughout the year.

This way it stays more private and exclusive…

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