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Published on 6/12/2020 additional information available

What''s Freedom To You?

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Have you ever had one of the moments
when it feels like you were just hit over
the head with a frying of those
Ah-Ha moments.

You finally wake-up and realize
something so powerful it changes
the entire course of your life?

I was having a drink with a very
successful friend of mine and he
asked me a simple but incredibly
profound question: He said

“Is it worse to live in a country with 
no freedom, or to live in a country 
with total freedom and act as if you 
have none?”. 

The question stung burned.
The answer was obvious... At the
time, I was working way too hard
for way to little. Every year it seemed
I was working more and more and
was getting further and further
behind. I was tired.

Not sleepy tired... but emotionally,
physically and mentally tired.

Exhausted actually and I was pretty
much hopeless. People never would
have guessed... I walked around
smiling, but inside I was tired and
frustrated. The problem was I felt
trapped. I felt like I had to work my
job because I didn’t know what else
was out there. I needed the paycheck
to pay my bills...but I also realized I
hated living that way.

I was acting like I had no freedom...
when I have all the freedom in the
world, I just wasn’t taking advantage
of it.

I started to notice successful people
- people who were making the most
of the freedom they have.

I began studying everything about
them... what they wore, what they
did, how they spoke. In doing this I
realized everyone who was living
the life I wanted for myself

...everyone who had the money
freedom I wanted, was...

They were all entrepreneurs!

I began to take a good look at the
benefits of being self-employed
and there are so many.

Today I’ll share the one I was most
excited about! FREEDOM!


Are you aware that of the top 1% 
wealthiest individuals, 74% owned 
their own business?

That ought to tell you something!

Very few people ever get wealthy
working for someone else. But there’s
more to freedom than just having
money. What good is the money if
you don’t have the time to enjoy it?

I mean, lots of people make a decent
income working jobs, but so many
have to work and work and work and
never have any time for family or fun.

Ever drive during rush hour? Then you
know exactly what I’m talking about!

True freedom means having an unlimited
income AND the time to enjoy it! That’s
what having your own business can
provide for you if you choose the right
business! You can have the time to
pursue your dreams instead of working
every waking hour to make someone
else rich.

You can wake up in the morning
excited about life and the adventure
that lies ahead instead of stressing
over the commute or what your Boss
might have to say today.

It’s time for you to enjoy YOUR life!

What would FREEDOM mean in your
life? If we haven’t spoken already, you
can give me a call today at the number

To your success! 
Kevin DePina

PS: Have you seen this movie?

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