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Published on 5/10/2020 additional information available

Shopping your way out of debt...

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Have you heard of “Drop Shopping”?

Probably not… because a friend of
ours, made it up a few months ago!
(obviously it's a take on drop shipping)

It’s the new phrase we're calling this
opportunity that’s helping members
get their own online business…

  • Without having to buy inventory
  • Without having to setup a website
  • Without having to sell products
  • Without having to buy the latest
    lotions, potions, or jungle juice


Helping Members Get Out of Debt & Save
For Retirement:


All you do is stop buying those dangerous
household cleaners and other products
that are full of toxins and GMOs from the
Big Box stores…

And start shopping in your own store filled
with Better, Safer, Healthier Products.

After you purchase a membership (for
just $19), your store will be automatically
created for you.

You simply login to your store and buy
the products you were going to buy from
one of those Big Box stores.

Only these products are Better, Safer,
Healthier for You … and they are
conveniently shipped right to your
front door!

It’s kinda like your own little Amazon
store! ;-)

Want to make some extra money using
'Drop Shopping?'

No problem!  Just tell a few family and
friends about your new Shopping Website
and show them how to get their own.

You will get a nice residual commission
check every month for everything that
is purchased from THEIR stores.

You never have to take orders or ship
anything yourself.

When your customers shop in their own
stores – You Get Paid!

This is so simple – even our friend's
87-year old mother purchased her
membership and started shopping in
her own “Drop Shopping” online store.

We're always sending our daughter's
friends home with food whenever they
come to visit. We sent some of the
Simply Fit Nut & Fruit Cluster snacks
and liquid hand soap home with our
daughter's best friend last week.

She called us the other day and said
those Granola Snacks were amazing
and she loved the smell of the liquid
hand soap (it smells like grapefruit),
now she wants her own “Drop Shopping”
Online store too!

Once you try these products, you’ll
never want to be without them.

Check out What We Are Doing and
We Are Doing It here:

Let's talk soon!
Kevin DePina

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