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Published on 6/12/2020 additional information available

Are You Lucky?

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Ever wonder why some people seem
to have all the luck and others just
don’t seem to have any luck at all?

I used to wonder the same thing...
especialy when I was struggling in
life! It seemed everyone had it easier
or had more luck than me...

I actually felt powerless in my life,
as though I had no control to change
my circumstances or my results.

Then I realized something that
my life forever!

In my last e-mail I shared with you
how I began to study successful
people. In talking with these people
about their success, they all shared
with me they didn’t believe luck had
anything to do with their success.

Can you believe that?

I thought they were all so lucky and
they didn’t even believe in luck!
Rather, each one of them said they
made the
decision to be successful
and then they took the actions that
were necessary to achieve thier goals...
that’s what made them successful.

I thought to myself... yeah, but you
haven’t experienced the adversities
and challenges I have!

But, many of them had.

The stories of what they overcame
to get where they are now were
amazing! was totally
inspiring. They just didn’t allow
their circumstances to get in the
way of their success. No obstacle
was too great, no amount of work
too much, and nothing anyone
said would deter them.

What they taught me was that... 
successful people choose success.


This was a huge wake up call for

I used to complain all the time about
my circumstances, my job, my boss...
I felt powerless, as though this was
the hand that life had dealt me.

I used to say things like - “I’m just
not lucky!”, “If only I had some good
luck”. Then I realized luck was an
excuse I was using to justify why I
wasn’t living the life I wanted. I didn’t
want to take responsibility for the
results in my life... I wanted to
blame everyone and everything else
and, it was really easy to blame luck!

A few years ago I came across a
quote by Scott Leacock that really
stuck with me:

“I’m a great believer in luck, and I
find that the harder I work the more
I have of it.”

I’m glad I made the change in my life,
because, quite frankly, I was tired of
waiting for luck to work out for me.

And, life is a lot easier now than it
used to be...that’s for sure!

Once I understood that I could create
my own luck my life totally turned

I attracted a great business and mentors
and now live a life I am excited about.

And....the best part?

Anyone can create their own luck. I’m
living proof!


Best of luck (just kidding!)

To Your Success!
Kevin DePina

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