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Published on 4/7/2021 additional information available

How I Lost over $700,000 in Bitcoin

#Crypto Scams
# How to avoid crypto scams

I was Embarrassed and Ashamed for the Past 2 Years
I'm going to confess a story of something that I did that really hurts. But its something that I learned from and a lesson that I hope that I can use to help others.

In  2019 I lost a lot of crypto. A LOT! It was stolen. I will tell you how in a minute.

I discovered Bitcoin late in 2018 and right away caught the vision, believed it was going to be the money of the future. 

But I got scammed. Big time. The first scam was a bunch of mining rigs that I bought with a settlement i got from my motorcycle accident. I bought these great rigs, that were going to mine ZCash. Problem was, the guy that used our money to buy the equipment, housed housed in a huge warehouse in Utah, decided he was going to keep all of the mining profits, and our money too. So it was a great investment, if I had been delivered the crypto my machines were mining. And we discovered that all our paperwork, videos and contracts were useless. We were out our money while the guy got really really rich.

2nd scam is hailed as the biggest crypto scam of 2019 with a crypto wallet that again, kept all our money. They said they got away with over 2Billion worth of Bitcoin from at the time, which was worth around $3500 early 2019. Imagine how much that is worth now. But when you give someone your Bitcoin, there is no getting it back. 

So the moral to my story is be careful and talk to someone who knows the crypto space before putting your money into something that sounds great but turns out to be all hype.

A friend of mine who saw me go through all that loss nearly got sucked in last week. Thank God she remembered I was a Bitcoin enthusiast and called me. I could see immediately all the red flags. Makes me so mad!!

But the #1 piece of advice I can give you is don't give anyone your money. NEVER!! If you have to give up custody of your funds to anyone to trade it, or invest, or whatever they promise, be prepare to say goodbye to it. 

There are great amazing ways to accumulate crypto online. It is the new frontier and new asset class. It is a revolution in money. But there are more scams than legit platforms.

 Learn what to look for! 
What makes a good offer & what is a red flag? 

I would be a millionaire right now, and when i look at the price of Bitcoin now, and where i know it is going, I want to cry. Instead I will help others learn from my mistakes and together participate in amazing, legit ways to profit HUGE from the economic revolution that is happening before our eyes!

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