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Published on 11/8/2019 additional information available

My Story of Divine Healing : By: Joseph Doyle :

# HealthandWellness

My Story of Divine Healing : By: Joseph Doyle : "Heal" V.I.P 9/11/2019

Joseph (Jody) Doyle.

Joseph (Jody) Doyle.

Internet Marketer/ Sofware & Jewellery  Designer :

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My Story of Divine Healing :

By: Joseph Doyle : "Heal" V.I.P  9/11/2019 

This true story is in the form of an email letter sent to my sister who is a practicing Spiritual Councillor who had returned to her home, a brief time after the sad passing of our dearest Mother of 92 years.A Mother who is mother of 10 children, my 9 siblings & My dear sister lives away from Ireland in the US.This is a describetion of the events as the occurred.

The pain I felt deep in my heart, made my heart ache, at the loss of my dearest mother, who was confined to a wheel-chair, and the joy I has experienced in looking after her for her last years are treasured memories.Her kindness and constant warm sunny smile, lit up her whole face, she quibbed, & I

Quote: "didn't I look after you since you were the size of a shirt button"

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then she would laugh, still with a twinkle in her eye and smile, her radiant beautiful smile.

My dearest mother, was my constant hope and inspiration, each & every day she was alive was a blessing, and every precious moment spent in her presence, a gift from God. 

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Names of people and places have been changed for security purposes.

My letter:  17 October 2013 at 05:57

?Hi J,


A chance encounter in the local s/market with a good lady, a Spiritual Councillor, whom I have known since living in Ra, and wouldn't you know her name is "J" whose husband passed away some long time ago.

Well J has a girl from B who is in Ireland, learning English and is also a Practicing Divine Healer, staying with her using a barter* system for her accommodation etc.

Anyway to cut to the chase I was invited for a councelling/divine healing session today which went wonderfully well. Payment was barter* style as J is just getting to grips with reorganising her st home.

After fixing whatever tasks had to be done we dined on beautiful home made soup and brown bread. So a lot can happen in a day, and it did, my next invitation was to meet and join a local gathering to form a choir, of which I became secretary, and is now a 60 plus persons 5 part harmony choir, which is mixed and made up of voices from both sides of the ditch if you know what I mean.The venue was Bal ha just outside of Ra.

The tutor/conductor/maestro is a right laugh and a great character,yet a true professional.Results speak louder than words cause you would be proud to be part of this sound only 5 weeks in existence yet ranked 10th in Ireland.So put that in ur pipe n smoke it!

After that the newly formed choir and company repaired to Glen lo for a great evening of Irish trad music with visiting troubadors from Brittany thrown in.

Next barter* divine healing session tomorrow afternoon, followed by an evening invite to meet with friends and share a meal tomorrow eve.

I'm looking forward to my next session as I feel more relaxed and alive than ever, better than I have felt in a long time.

What an experience it was, I guess you know what I'm talking about being a spiritual soul .

Councelling Session:

After a brief introduction to my Divine Healer, I was invited into a room where. Spiritual soft music tones played as I sat comfortably with my shoes off with my eyes closed, holding a big cushion at my front while J spoke, telling me to relax and let everything drift away, let go of all my hurts, and any pain of past relationships, to open my heart to receive love, because I am loved, and cared for, for just being myself. J placed 2 antique metal keys on the cushion near my hands, and told me to hold them in my two hands, and use them to unlock anything I wanted, to free me in my life to receive love. After a good period of time I was holding the 2 keys in a meditative state totally relaxed and ready to begin my divine healing.

Spiritual Healing Begins :

First T asked me to lie down on the long sofa with my palms upturned.

(T told me later that this was to leave my palms open to receive divine healing from heaven.)

 Lie with my head supported with a cushion, close my eyes.My eyes were still closed.

 T asked me in a quiet voice "Do you believe in God" I replied Yes. T reminded me, you must believe to receive. 

When T laid her hands gently on my head it "The Divine Healing" began immediately, I felt warmth filling me gradually flowing down from my head to my neck & shoulders & my upper body down to my toes.I sensed T moving her hands down my frame all the time feeling a warm sensation as she moved her hands slowly above the light blanket that covered me up to my neck.

T did not touch me yet I could feel her healing energy. No sound came to my ears.

There was complete silence. 

 I saw a dark curtain,gradually change from dark blue & purple grey/green to blinding white light,in the distance,all the time, getting closer, before the light appeared,waves of different hues of darkness, to mauve, green,and yellow and gold,darker tones gradually became lighter in waves, revealing a golden glow that stayed, I wanted to stay bathed in this light forever. I felt warmth all over,down my whole body, It was a beautiful feeling.I felt safe, like the nearest thing to Heaven, I felt happy like being re-born in the womb.I thought to myself, if this is Heaven I will stay here, there is no need to return, it felt timeless, why would I want to leave this peaceful state, & place, I felt a cleansing of my spirit and soul.I knew that I and my life would never be the same again.I am "healed". Then a voice spoke softly, in the distance, what do you feel. A moment passed, and the voice spoke again, T asked me what I felt when she gently spoke.

I said one word "Love" I feel "Love".

Thank you for sharing my life changing experience.

Kind regards

Joseph Doyle {Jody}     

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