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Published on 11/4/2018 additional information available

So You Want To Build An Online Business

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I’m sure all my fellow IBOtoolbox members are interested in building a successful online business. While some of you have successful online businesses, others may be still be trying to figure it out. I started my career working for various companies in Information Technologies. While I enjoyed working up thru the ranks and reaching the top of the corporate ladder I always wanted an environment where I could control my own destiny. After 28 years I left Corporate America to start and still run several businesses. As a business owner your boss can be a SOB but at least he is honest and he understands you. Hopefully people who are my age (66) are retired but many are still working for someone else trying to make ends meet. No matter if you are young or older you should enjoy working and have a life plan.

The late Jim Rohn had a great quote about developing your life plan.

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”

I will always be semi-retired and working because I enjoy building businesses and helping other savvy entrepreneurs build their businesses. My focus nowadays is helping people build businesses having residual streams of income. While most people today trade time for money I choose to spend my time building residual income streams. Residual income is produced by doing something once but you continue to earn income out into the future with little or no addition work effort on your part.

One thing successful business owners understand is the profit cycle of their businesses. The investment of time and money that goes into a business should come out as a profit for the business owner. There are many types of online businesses but to be successful you need to understand the strategies for building an online business.

If you a just starting a new online business I invite you to download the FREE e-book The Top Strategies For Building Your Online Business


Jim Klebes

Helping entrepreneurs find their Next Business Opportunity.

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