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Published on 10/22/2019 additional information available

Be Empowered to Ask, $8,000 later...

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Usually I'm NOT that guy!

You know,
the one who goes overboard with sharing needless or roundabout content.


I guess,

I'm still not being THAT GUY.

But I am hoping to have a 2nd conversation with you today.

I know,
2 PR's in a single day aren't really my thing.
Heck 4 PR's in a week is frequent conversation for us from me.

I just read a awesome PR from Todd
(Recent FMOTD)
It was super spot on for me.

The premise is in not being scared to ask.

WE have a right to ask.
We always have a right to ask.

Not just for the sale,
But in general.

In dealing with other people,
If you're wondering, just ask.

Maybe not publicly put them on the spot,
But, ask your question.

What's the worst that can happen?

Let's assume you ask for something and they say no,
So, you didn't lose anything right?

Now, before I bore you with simple logic,
Let me tell you what happened.

So, I decided today was going to be a good day.
I completely didn't get everything done or accomplished I wanted to.
But, that happens right?

So anyways,
I picked up the phone,
Called this lady,
Had her pull out her AMEX and read me the details.
In under 5 Minutes I completed a sale for $8k!

I met her and her husband Twice before.
I spent under an hour of my time with them in total.
I hadn't talked to them in weeks.
Deal done.

She didn't know I was calling tonight.
She didn't get an email heads up.
She didn't have clarity on the total costs before I called.

It didn't matter.

You know why?

Because of me.

The logical details, and objections,
and probably any thoughts you're having right now,

It wasn't about using outdated sales tactics and sales lingo.

That's not what it was about.

Is it bigger than just asking a question because I was thinking it?
Yes but...

It's not like it's that incredibly complicated either.

It wasn't even about making it some no brainer offer.
I mean outside of the free course (that is about to see a huge content upload)
I'm not really all for that strategy as a go to.

I mean honestly,
Everything is being setup that way,
So the psychology of that is starting to wear off.

I have and will share some serious perspective with you,
But understand it all starts with you.

Now back to the boring stuff,
Practice doesn't make perfect.
Practice makes habit.
Perfect practice makes perfect habits.
Simple practice makes simple habits.

Simple habits can lead to simple results,
Perfect habits can lead to perfect results.

Don't wait for the lights to come on and the pressure to perform,
practice perfectly in all you do.

Ask questions,

Be empowered but moreso,

I believe in you!

At the end of the day,
When it's all said and done.

I want to see you master the art of getting the sale!

Let's Grow

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